Cat Was In Such Terrible Shape They Called Him A "Trainwreck"

July 3rd, 2017

Take a look at the adorable little kitten Orren, a cat that was rescued from a tragically abusive hoarding environment. At the time, rescuers described and referred to him as a “trainwreck”, but little Orren proved that he still had a lot of strength left in him.

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The cute black kitten was just one of the 150 animals that were rescued from hoarders in Chatham County, North Carolina.

Members of the HSUS Animal Rescue Team recall that Orren was the cat that struck out to them the most because of his personality.

“All you could hear, even in an enclosure of 60 other cats, was him breathing, and him trying to breathe,” according to one of the members of the rescue team.

In heartfelt footage shared by the animal organization, you can see that the cat definitely has been deprived of care and love and keeps rubbing his paws to the rescuers in an effort to befriend them.

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When of the rescuers finally paws his head, his happy reaction is immediately noticeable.

“When you opened up the door, he was like ‘I’m ready to go… I have been waiting for ya.'”

When Orren got checked up with a veterinarian, his health issues formed a concern, which is when he received the “trainwreck” nickname. He had a breathing condition that was chronic and caused him to breathe very difficult. To make things worse, the feline suffered from ringworm and had severe drainage in the eyes and the nose.

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The list of ailments didn’t stop there, as Orren had a damaged ear, a heart murmur, back legs that were severely malformed and had arthritis as well. Even with all these ailments, Orren never seemed to give up his smile.

Orren received the attention of the SAFE Haven for Cats organization, and one of the volunteers of the animal group, Beth Lindsey, decided to take him in.

“As soon as I got to know Orren, I said, ‘I’ve just got to have him’,” she said. “He’s just such an engaging creature. Just amazing that he is so mellow and so sweet considering the circumstances he came from.”

Orren was originally supposed to be offered up for adoption after he made a full recovery but had already stolen the heart of Beth. Sherri Orner, a member of the same organization, recalls having Orren around.

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“He had been through a lot and I wanted to make sure he was gonna end up with somebody who really understood him and Beth certainly did. She spent a lot of time with him here,” the woman said.

“Everybody that loved him and knew him was able to sign the carrier… It was just very rewarding to see him go to a home,” Sherri said. “He touched all of us.”

A heartwarming rescue story with a great and happy ending!

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Source: Humane Society of the United States, LoveMeow