Horse Reunites With Old Friend After 4 Years Apart

July 3rd, 2017

Do animals make lifelong friends? One woman decided to find out when she reunited three horses who had been friends as young foals. She brought a horse she had given up four years before to a field where the other two horses were living. She could never have guessed what happened next.

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Sue Blagburn raised three horses in Mustons Field, England. The horses, named Arthur, Harry, and William, grew up together as best friends. Unfortunately, when Sue transitioned her career into equine facilitated learning and therapy, she was forced to give Arther up. Arther spent the next four years as a sports horse for high-class private competitions and events while his friends traveled around England with Sue.

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Harry and William lived with many other ponies as Sue’s business began to grow. After several moves, Sue found herself in Firle, East Sussex. At long last, she knew it was time to get Arthur back. She repurchased him and brought him back to her field to reunite with Harry and William. Sue suspected that the horses would recognize each other, but she never could have imagined the strong reaction each would have to seeing a long lost friend.

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When the horses saw each other, each recognized the other immediately. Harry and William grazed in the grass as Arthur approached, but as soon as they looked up their hearts filled with joy. The horses showed their affection by rubbing their heads together. It was a truly heartwarming moment.

After several loving nudges, it was time for a jog. Arthur, Harry, and William took off running in long laps around the field.The trusty trio was back together after several years apart. It was clear they were glad to all be on one field again.

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Sue could not have been more thrilled by the horses’ reactions. “I knew that they would recognize each other,” she shared into the camera, “but this is so much more deep than I thought possible, and… it’s so extraordinary.”

The owner was amazed that the horses could keep such a close bond after so many years. “William is quite bossy,” she explained. “He wouldn’t let any other horse do what Arthur is doing.”

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The horses celebrated their lives coming together by running around and rolling on the ground. Sue was excited to have the three of them together. The horses are now the star team of Adventures with Horses, and organization that “offers learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic opportunities horses can provide, in order to develop potential, self-awareness, and skills.”

Adventures with Horses works with young children and adults in order to help them get the most out of their lives. The organization relies on crowdfunding and volunteers so that they can offer their services to disadvantaged children. If you would like to donate to this noble cause, you can follow this link.

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Arthur’s story is proof that when an animal makes a friend, they are friends for life. It is heartening to see creatures with so much love for each other.

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