Man Tweets About Two Muslim Women Shopping At Victoria’s Secret, And It Backfired Immediately

August 10th, 2017
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“If you see something, say something” only works if the person doing the seeing and saying has some common sense and isn’t overcome by irrational fear.

For Canadian radio reporter Michael Kane, that irrational fear seemed to overtake any common sense he may have had when, last Saturday, he thought sending out this tweet would be a good idea:

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It wasn’t a good idea. At all. Which he seemed to grasp quickly, because mere moments tweeting this ill-advised missive, he deleted the tweet.

But as we know, nothing on the Internet is truly deleted.

And sure enough, the tweet came back to life in the form of a screenshot, which Phoenix-area activist Imraan Siddiqi tweeted the very next day.

As you might expect, Twitter had a field day with Kane’s tweet, mocking him for self-importantly alerting the public to these two women coming out of Victoria’s Secret.

It’s silly. But lest the rest of us forget, there are people out there who have to reply to this kind of silliness with cold reason every single day.

Then, naturally, Twitter stepped it up, slinging “I’m just a reporter” at everything.

We have to agree with Tim here:

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Source: The Daily Buzz