Service Dog Protects Woman Having Seizure

August 9th, 2017

It’s no secret that dogs have helped people all throughout history.

Going way back in time, ancient humans used dogs as companions and as protectors. Over time our ability to train and work with dogs has gotten more and more sophisticated, all founded on warm feelings of love and cooperation.

One of the most special of these relationships is that of the service dog.

Service dogs can be used in any number of different ways.

Some service dogs help clients with people who are having difficulties with sight, PTSD, anxiety, diabetes and a range of other issues. In all the above, these dogs and their owners form very strong bonds and grow to care deeply for one another.

In a recent story, one service dog named Colt has made a huge impact on his owner’s life.

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Janaye Kearns lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She lived a very adventurous life full of jet-skiing, rock climbing, and other activities. Unfortunately, many of those activities became more difficult after she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Because she started becoming prone to seizures, she was assigned to work with Colt as a way to keep her safe. Colt is determined to keep Janaye safe at all times—even during a seizure.

To make sure Colt stays ready, Janaye sometimes runs training exercises with him.

In these exercises, Janaye pretends to be having a problem so that Colt has an opportunity to jump in and respond as he has been trained to do. In this video, Janaye lies on the floor and imitates having a seizure.

What Colt does to respond is heartwarming and incredible.

Seeing that Janaye is struggling, Colt moves his head under hers.

By wriggling underneath her, Colt’s soft body is able to protect Janaye’s head from hitting the ground and causing more damage during her epileptic episodes. At the end of the video, it’s revealed that it was all just practice.

Janaye and Colt’s video has since gone viral.

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Colt’s love is a reminder of how helpful service dogs can be.

Though we may often take animals for granted, Colt and Janaye are best friends and confidantes. Janaye relies on Colt to provide emotional and physical protection. In return, Janaye gives Colt all the love she can muster.

Janaye says the same in her own words:

“The important thing that makes me super proud is that he never stops trying. He always looks back to make sure I am safe and keeps trying until I am. I am so blessed to have him. He has saved my life in many ways.”

Be sure to check out Janaye’s GoFundMe page as well!

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