You’ve Probably Been Eating Corn The Wrong Way This Whole Time
Justin Luke

The Daily Buzz
The Daily Buzz

You probably eat your corn on the cob the way most Americans do: you bare your teeth and bite into the row with your cat on your shoulder.

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Cat is optional.

But Japanese Twitter user @alovesun went viral this week when he tweeted about a new, exciting way to eat the vegetable/grain/fruit:

Translation: “The thing that shocked me the most after moving to Hokkaido was how they eat corn.”

For those of you wondering, yes, corn seed really is a grain, a vegetable, AND a fruit.

Step by step, you have to:

1) Create some space by taking out a row of kernels;

2) Place your thumb over the neighboring row of kernels;


3) Push the row toward the new space you’ve created.

Buzzfeed even shared a video about it:

Your corn cob will end up looking like this:


Some on Twitter weren’t convinced.

Others offered alternate methods.

But this Twitter user was mighty impressed.

And so are we! Let’s raise a cob to no more corn in our teeth!

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Source: The Daily Buzz

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By Justin Luke
Justin Luke is a contributor at SBLY Media.