Young dancers step on stage – paint the floor with epic moves judges have ‘never seen before’

November 8th, 2019

There are some pretty impressive dancers in the world that can create some smooth moves, but this young duo has some epic moves that blew the minds of the judges.

Julian & Charlize

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These young hip hop dancers are rising stars that are causing a buzz in the dance world.

The Dance Qualifiers – World of Dance

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While all the judges were super impressed, it was Judge Ne Yo that exclaimed that this duo would go far.

The twosome performed a flawless performance to “The Middle,” and they never missed a beat. Even with this stunning performance, they only managed to pull in a score of 87.0.

The Duals

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Again this duo stood out among the rest in the Junior Division. Some think that the other competitors may have been intimidated by the popularity that this team has in the social media world. Although they performed well in the qualifiers they were on the bottom half of the leaderboard but went unchallenged in the Duals Three. Their scores rose to an impressive 95.3 after they beat out the Trilogy.

The Cut

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The Division Final

This adventure came to an end for the duo when they were eliminated in the division final but took the second spot.

The Popular Duo

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Both Julian & Charlize have built a huge social following. They are worldwide recognized dancers and are still in their high school years. Chalize has had the pleasure of teaching dancing in many parts of the world. Among the many times, this duo has entertained audiences with their dance moves, one of the most memorable moments was when Charlize performed at half time for the Super Bowl. For Julian, it was on Saturday night live with Pharrell.

Charlize Glass

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Charlize has been dancing since she was two years and at this same age, started taking dance lessons. At the young age of six, she made an appearance on America Got’s Talent. Things really took off for Charlize when she won the MTV Video Music Awards.

Julian DeGuzman

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Julian has had an impressive past in the professional dance world just as Charlize has. He was a little older when he started dancing at the age of six. One of his many performances was in Disneys Newsies The Broadway Musical where he played Smalls.

Bringing Recognition to Young Dancers

When young dancers strut their stuff it doesn’t take long before they become recognized. Ellen Degeneres often features these up and coming dance stars on her show


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Amy is an amazing hip hop dancer from China at the age of nine. Her video went viral and hit 20M views by the time Ellen brought her on the show. She needed a translator for the interview as her English was limited.

The Anaconda Dancer – Taylor

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This little gal was only eleven years old when she was featured on Ellen’s show. She had racked up 7M views on her youtube video. This particular Ellen video to date has over 51M. views that was aired in Oct 2014.

Just imagine how impressive these young dancers are going to be as adults.

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Source: NBC World of Dance