13-year-old starts with head down, then her voice roars like a lion

November 8th, 2019

A young lady who thinks she is a nobody instantly becomes a somebody!

Courtney on America’s Got Talent

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Courtney came out on the stage for the tryouts for America’s Got Talent as a shy thirteen-year-old.

Judges Make An Attempt to Make Her Feel Comfortable

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It is easy to see how nervous Courtney is so the judges do their best to make her feel more comfortable. She says her favorite subject in school is Music

A Timid Start

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As Courtney gets ready to perform she stands rigid with her head hung down. The silence is deafening leaving observers wondering if she is going to be able to pull it off.

The Transformation

As the music starts Courtney begins to bob to the beat of the music. You can see the surprised look on the judge’s faces. Then something amazing takes place.

The Shy Little Girl Turns into A Lion

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As she begins to sing anyone that is having the pleasure of listening to her is totally stunned. Her voice is powerful and she is mesmerizing. As she continues to sing her confidence soars and she gives an epic performance.

Courtney says that when she sings she turns into a different person.

A House On Its Feet

Everyone in the audience including all four judges are on their feet as Courtney’s song comes to an end.

Howie Mandell Speaks First

Howies reiterates the story about Janice Joplin and how she was discovered as a young girl. How Janice got signed but Howie doesn’t have the power to sign Courtney to a record label. But he does have the power to do something else.

The Golden Buzzer

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Howie leans over and hits the golden buzzer. Courtney was brought to tears as the crowd roared. Her Das comes out on stage and gathers up the sobbing Courtney into his arms.

Straight To The Live Show

The Golden Buzzer means that Courtney is going straight to the live show.

Courtney’s Journey

Courtney continued to perform during the season 13 of America’s Got Talent and made it up to the finals when she got cut. It was devastating for her, but being the fighter that she is she didn’t give up.

Courtney Returns to America’s Got Talent – The Champions

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Although Courtney was super disappointed that she didn’t win season 13, she was invited back to the Champions

The Suspense

Courtney ends up in the top three

The Results

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Courtney took third place and there is no doubt that she was a big contender

Some Controversy

Although Courtney was very popular there was a little bit of controversy. Apparently Courtney had performed in other contests in the past and this was not revealed during her appearance on America’s Got Talent. Some felt it should have been as Courtney was being portrayed as a shy little girl. The bottom line is Courtney is who she is and when she performs it brings the best of her out. So whether she performed before should not be a factor.

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