Woman who lost 127 pounds adopts overweight cat – gives him a second chance at life

March 13th, 2020

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[Source: The Dodo Adoption Day]

At thirty-six pounds, King the cat would leave Garfield envious!

King had lived with his long time owner for all of his life. Unfortunately this resulted in a significant amount of weight gain for King. See, his owner had developed Alzheimer’s Disease and couldn’t remember when King had been fed, so they continued to feed him throughout the day. King obliged the offering and apparently ate every time he was fed, to the point of reaching thirty-six pounds!

When his owner passed away, King found himself at the Wake County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. Luckily for King the animal shelter has a Facebook page. This is where Robin had first seen him. Robin knew at first glimpse it was destiny for the two to meet. Robin had also battled with weight issues and felt that she would be a great influence and new mama for King. Five years earlier Robin was diagnosed with diabetes and this would change her life forever.

She made a decision to get herself in shape and battle what was happening inside her body. Robin fought hard and lost one hundred twenty seven pounds. She was determined to do the same for King.

When Robin arrived at the animal shelter in North Carolina she was filled with excitement to meet her new furry companion. They rolled King in and her face lit up like the sky on the Fourth of July! The cage opened and King walked over and sat down, staring at Robin and patiently waited for her to walk in. Once within reach, King laid down, rolled over and Robin began to rub him. I think King Knew his new mama had arrived.

Robin loaded King into the kennel and rolled him out to the car. She had to roll him since he was to heavy to carry that far! When she got him home she gave him his own room to get comfortable in and the two got to know each other. When King laid next to Robin he placed his head on her arm and began to purr. Robin says “It sounded like a F-150 truck – it shook the walls.” It was at this point Robin knew for sure they had each other.

There was one more family member King had to meet. His name is Rufus and he is a dog. When introduced neither one of them seemed to be to interested in the other. As a matter of fact King took a few looks at Rufus and turned around to stretch then laid down looking at him like – I’m three times your size, go ahead and try something you silly dog, I’ll eat you like last nights left overs. They seemed to get along well right from the start. This was the makings of a beautiful family.

Robin makes sure that King only eats when he needs to, gets plenty of exercise and love, and is working on getting his under control. Her plan is to produce a video of herself in her in her marathon close, King in his harness, and the chariots of fire going in the background. I can’t wait to see the video and King’s transformation!