Plastic bags aren’t just for dog poop or trash. Here are 13 other nifty uses for them at home

If you’re not using reusable grocery bags, you’ll know quickly those plastic shopping bags can add up. It’s a shame to toss those extra garbage bags in the garbage just to end up in the landfill, as some reports say that plastic bags can take 500 years to disintegrate.

That’s why some U.S. towns are banning plastic bags altogether.

Instead of throwing them out, there are ways you can reuse those bags other than to line tiny garbage pails and picking up dog poop.

Cat or Dog Bed

Fill a pillowcase with plastic bags and sew the end shut. Now you have yourself a cat or dog bed.


A Beautiful Mess
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Transport Unpotted Plants

If you need to unpot a plant and transport it, you can place it in a plastic bag. This will keep the soil together and hold in the moisture.

Mike's Backyard Nursery
Source: Mike's Backyard Nursery

Make a Bed Mat

You can make a bed mat for the needy or for when you go camping by following the tutorial below.

Source: FOX8 WGHP

Keep Your Jeans Clean

Put holes in the bottom of two bags and pull them over your feet and up over your knees to protect your pants while you’re gardening.


This Old House
Source: This Old House

Protect Garden Fruits and Veggies

If the fruits and vegetables in your garden are almost ripe you can place a plastic bag around it to prevent outdoor critters or frostbite from damaging your produce.


University of Minnesota Extension
Source: University of Minnesota Extension

Packing Material

You can use plastic bags as packing material to keep the items you ship protected.


Amplicon Express
Source: Amplicon Express

Make a Reusable Bag

You can make a reusable grocery bag or beach bag from your plastic bags. Check out the tutorial below.

Source: Mom Eberhard

Fill in Gaps

If you’ve got extra space or gaps around your air conditioner, pipes, or ducts in your walls or your floors you can stuff them with plastic bags instead of spraying the area full of foam.


Trip Advisor
Source: Trip Advisor

Seal a Paint Can

Place a plastic bag over your paint can and put the top on over it. This will prevent crusted paint or debris from getting into your paint.


Today's Homeowner
Source: Today's Homeowner

Wax or Polish Application

You can use a plastic bag to apply furniture wax or polish. You can buff the wax or polish out with a soft cloth.


Matthew Benson
Source: Matthew Benson

Prevent Side Mirrors From Icing Over

If you’re expecting a snow or ice storm, you can place plastic bags over your car’s side mirrors so you don’t end up having to scrape the ice off.

Source: AutogeekOnline

Filling Fix

If you have a stuffed animal, pillow, or mattress that’s lost some of their stuffing, you can stuff it with plastic bags to fill it back up again.


Rhapsody in Rooms
Source: Rhapsody in Rooms

Get Rid of Them

Source: ecoBLOGic

You can donate plastic bags to a business that could use them or bring them back to the grocery store. Lots of grocery stores have plastic bag recycling programs.

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