Tough girl rescues deformed dog – He gives her the sweetest possible “thank you”

March 15th, 2019

Many people adopt dogs to have a pet of their own. But what happens when that dog has serious medical issues. And while most would prefer their pet to be perfect in every way, even these less than perfect pets deserve a home. Freddie Mercury is one such little dog.

This video shows how one such tiny dog has the sweetest way of showing gratitude to the woman who rescued her.

A Dog in Need

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Named Freddy Mercury by her owner Angela, the little dog has a deformed front leg and lower jaw. Regardless of her disabilities, the little dog is still full of love for the owner her saved her. Angela drove four hours to pick her up, not even knowing what kind of shape she was in.

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Upon picking her up at the shelter, Angela learned that she had to have 17 teeth removed. It wasn’t until she reached home that she realized just how bad her deformity was. As she placed her on the floor, Angela saw that her legs were splayed out. It was to the point to where she could only waddle around.

She Shows Her Gratitude in the Sweetest Way

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The best thing about Freddie is that she never seemed to give up, rolling around on the floor and trying to play with her new owner. And even though seemed weak and afraid, Freddie eventually learned how to stand on her own. In return for her owner’s patient, Freddie also likes to give licks, more commonly known as dog kisses.

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Freddie’s biggest problem was her angular limb deformity. This is what kept her from walking like a normal dog, but she still is able to get where she needs to. It only takes her longer. In addition, her severe under bite makes it more difficult for her to eat. Regardless, Freddie seems to have overcome her various disabilities.

Dogs with Deformities

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It is common for dogs to be born with deformities of one sort or the other. And while sometimes these deformities can be fixed, that is not always the case. It is because of loving people like Angela that dogs in the shape Freddie is in are able to find loving homes.

Dog Adoption

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Adopting a dog, especially one that is not perfect, is one of the most selfless things a person can do. And even though these dogs need even more care than a normal pet, they are sure to show their gratitude and love for the owner who loved them even though they were different.

Freddie Shows Her Gratitude

For her part, Freddie showed just how thankful she was through the little snuggles and licks to her owner’s face. You can just see how happy she is to be in such a loving and caring home. Watch as little Freddie show her gratitude to her loving owner Angela.

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