Prison Dog's New Owners Find Out It Does Really Weird Stuff

December 13th, 2018

When families adopt a dog, it’s often a time of joy and happiness. There’s really nothing like finding a loyal, loving, furry family member. But the dog in this story is unique.

Some people like to adopt older dogs, from difficult backgrounds. This was the case with Arwen’s new parents.

Arwen had lived and worked in a prison for many years, helping inmates with autism cope.

Eventually, it was time for Arwen to retire. Being a Kelpie-Husky crossbreed, it didn’t take long for her to find some loving parents.

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Gallusrostromegalus/Tumblr Source: Gallusrostromegalus/Tumblr

However, the parents had only been used to owning dogs from non-working backgrounds.

They had no idea of the weird things that Arwen would end up doing.

The first indication that Arwen was a dog with some strange skills happened as soon as she came home.

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Gallusrostromegalus/Tumblr Source: Gallusrostromegalus/Tumblr

“I wonder if she can jump?” Asked Arwen’s new father.

At the word “jump” Arwen perked up, bent her legs and leaped over a six-foot fence in the family’s yard.

Luckily, she jumped right back over and found some very shocked new owners staring at her.

Later that first day, the family would find out that Arwen had many of the bad habits that dogs have.

The only difference was that she was much, much faster.

For example, in the family’s kitchen, three pounds of corned beef was sitting on the counter, waiting to be made into dinner. The second the family turned their backs on the beef, Arwen jumped onto the counter and devoured the food within the space of one minute.

Clearly, the owners had a lot of work on their hands.

But then it got even weirder.

Arwen’s owners would go on to document some of the many weird and wonderful things that she had learned during her time in prison.

For example, here are a few of the recorded activities that Arwen has done since being adopted.

(They’re pretty weird. Oh, and the photos below are not of Arwen – only for visual perspective.)

Incident 1: It’s 4 am. Arwen’s parents are woken up by a strange sound. It’s the toilet flushing over and over again.

Perhaps something’s wrong with the plumbing?

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Arwen’s father gets up to investigate, only to discover that their dog is behind it. She’s repeatedly flushing the toilet with her paw and drinking the running water.

Incident 2: It’s an incredibly warm summer’s day. Arwen’s parents discuss shaving her.

The dog is able to pick up something in the conversation that startles her (probably the word “shaving”) and runs into the kitchen.

Arwen’s parents follow to find the dog doing something strange. She’s managed to pull open their freezer, climb inside and is whining. It’s like Arwen is saying that this is a fine alternative to shaving.

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Incident 3: Arwen’s mother is taking her for a walk around the neighborhood.

Arwen likes to go exploring in the undergrowth, so the mother lets her dive right in. Only this time, Arwen emerges with something strange wrapped around her head.

It’s a seven-foot long snake!

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Flickr Source: Flickr

But Arwen isn’t scared. She’s gripped it in her mouth and happily walks back with it to the mother as if to hand her a snack. Arwen’s mother does what any sane person would and screams loudly. She falls, her knee landing on a rock.

The commotion makes Arwen unclench her teeth from the snake, but the mother still has to unwrap the creature from the dog’s neck. But then Arwen presumes the mother has dropped it accidentally and scrambles to pick it back up.

Arwen’s mother then scoops the snake up and throws it at their 90-year-old neighbor, who then collapses.

These are just a handful of the many, many incidents that Arwen’s family has documented on their Tumblr.

While the dog can be chaotic sometimes, one thing is clear: They love it!

Arwen isn’t the easiest dog in the world, but she’s incredibly smart and loving. Surely there will be many incidents still to come!

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Source: Gallusrostromegalus