Rose Sings A Soulful 'This Is My Life' On The X Factor Israel

July 11th, 2019

Rose “Osang” Fostanes had a long and full journey in life before she found her way to the stage of X Factor Israel.

Living in Tel Aviv, Israel and working as a caregiver at the time of the performance, the singer is originally from the Philippines.

She lived in a small house that she shared with three friends who also worked as caregivers. As for her love life, she shrugged it off and said she had been so busy working in life that she forgot to find someone to settle down with.

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Ron Ocmer via YouTube Source: Ron Ocmer via YouTube

When it comes to things that she has had time for in-between work, she says that she has always loved and watched The X Factor.

Before this first performance, she had never sung in front of a crowd before. The forty-six-year-old was about to make a huge step in life, one that takes a lot of courage.

She was about to be seen by millions.

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Ron Ocmer via YouTube Source: Ron Ocmer via YouTube

The performance

Rose decided to sing ‘This Is My Life” by Shirley Bassey.

The ordinary appearing woman would end up having an extraordinary stage presence.

She began to belt out the lyrics, and the change was astounding:

“Funny how a lonely day, can make a person say:

What good is my life?

Funny how a breaking heart, can make me start to say:

What good is my life?

Funny how I often seem, to think I’ll never find a dream

In my life.

Till I look around and see, this great big world is part of me

And my life.”

As she continued, she left everyone stunned. Her genuine personality came through so clearly.

Rose put her all into the singing. Her voice showed a life of experience, of passion, and of strength. She was clearly enjoying every moment. Her energy and love of life brought the crowd to their feet.

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Ron Ocmer via YouTube Source: Ron Ocmer via YouTube

The response

Even the judges noticed that the song choice was absolutely perfect for her. She couldn’t have found a better song.

They were astounded that it was her very first time performing on stage, she had been so natural and shared so much of herself through the performance.

One by one, the judges gave their enthusiastic approval.

The audience did as well. The internet did the same. One video of her performance has more than two million views and eleven-thousand likes on YouTube.

The YouTube comments were all positive:

“Hello from Thailand. You know, Pinoy, you all are so famous in Thailand in places of great singers. You have proved over and over and you did so well. In a place of neighboring countries in ASEAN, I am so proud of you !!”


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Rose Osang Fostanes via Facebook Source: Rose Osang Fostanes via Facebook

Beyond the performance

Rose said that she hoped The X Factor would help her to get recognition and possibly a new career. She loved her work helping the elderly, but there is no harm in dreaming big and reaching for those dreams with everything you have.

She did just that and ended up reaching her goal.

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Rose Osang Fostanes via Facebook Source: Rose Osang Fostanes via Facebook

Rose went on to win the season and then signed a record contract to produce her album, My Way, in the Philippines.

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Source: Ron Ocmer via YouTube