Repurposing doll heads into planters has become the latest trend in home décor

May 17th, 2021

Childhood is never complete without toys which include the all-time favorite (especially to girls) – dolls. They come in all forms, designs, and sizes. These hand-held toys are best for children who want to do role-playing.

Sadly, as children grow older, they will start neglecting their then-beloved dolls. They will eventually mature and begin to focus on things that are more appropriate to their age.

Thankfully, you can still put those discarded toys to good use.

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Do you know the movie, ‘Toy Story’? That happens in real life, there will really come a time when toys will be kept in the storage, be given away, or worse – thrown away.

If you are now an adult but don’t want to dispose of your dolls, then this home decor idea might just be the best for you.

Introducing doll planters.

Some of you might perceive the idea as a little bit horrendous.

It may not be that suitable to the eyes of everyone but it’s undeniably one brilliant idea that’s worth considering.

If you love plants and home decor as much as you love your old dolls, then might as well combine them all, right?

This trend is actually not new because it’s already been known years ago. It just resurfaced since most people are playing along the spring and summer seasons.

These doll planters are best for home plants that do not require too much watering.

Putting old dolls into good use never gets better than turning them into adorable little plant pots.

You can use every part of an old doll like its head, legs, arms, and even its body. Though most people use the head because it’s where those cute doll faces are resting at.

You also don’t need power tools or exert extra effort during the entire process. Any cutting material will do the trick and a few drilling tools.

These dolls turned into planters can be placed on top of another plant pot, plate, table, and even on multi-layered shelves. Not only this idea is great but also cost-efficient, it is very easy to do too!

It’s a “makeover” you wouldn’t see at any beauty salon.

Those doll heads will soon have a new hairdo and it’s all thanks to your indoor plants.

They also make some perfect home decor for Halloween, wouldn’t you agree?

Who would’ve thought decluttering can be this fun and productive at the same time. You may also do some paint jobs on the doll parts that you prefer to turn into planters. There is no right or wrong in doing this.

Just make sure you use healthy soil and put them window-side so they get enough sunlight and ventilation.

It’s all over social media so there’s no way to miss it.

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These adorable doll planters are making rounds on social media and people are so intrigued by them.

Some people find it cute while others are also shaken by the idea.

One thing is certain though, they will make a new and exciting accent to your current garden. After all, there is nothing wrong with reinvention and trying something new at home.

Just be sure to use old dolls and refrain from wrecking your children’s dolls.

You sure don’t want to start a war at home, or do you?

Watch the video below to see how they’re done.

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Source: #Dollplanters, YouTube/CARAMEL’ S CANOPY