Michael Jackson’s Music Is Disappearing After New Allegations

March 8th, 2019

Leaving Neverland is a new HBO documentary that portrays Michael Jackson as a dangerous child abuser. It may have a permanent effect on how people perceive the musician’s songs.

Allegations of child abuse against the late Michael Jackson are nothing new.

During his lifetime, Jackson had to fight against two high profile lawsuits over his sexual misconduct.

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The singer managed to overcome both of those lawsuits, with one being settled out of court and the other declaring him innocent. But both incidents ensured that suspicion over the musician would remain.

Even 10 years after his death, many people still think that Michael Jackson was definitely a pedophile, or at least strongly suspect him of being one.

Leaving Neverland’s premiere on March the third may be the thing that convinces people unsure of Jackson’s conduct that he definitely was all of the terrible things that people alleged him to be.

The documentary’s unflinching and jaw-dropping presentation of the accounts of two of Jackson’s victims has shocked the world.

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Even though many of the allegations in Leaving Neverland are nothing new, the way that they are presented can leave many in little doubt that Michael Jackson actually was a dangerous pedophile.

And this may just have a permanent effect upon Jackson’s music and how it is remembered by the world.

Radio stations have started to boycott Jackson’s songs. Two of New Zealand’s major radio station conglomerates, MediaWorks and New Zealand Media Entertainment, have made the decision to ban his songs on any of their stations.

Also, three Canadian radio stations have followed suit and made the decision to no longer air Jackson’s songs.

Many will be conflicted at hearing this news.

Few can deny that Michael Jackson’s music is incredible. And many of his songs have become synonymous with the decades that they were recorded in.

Who, when hearing Billie Jean or Thriller, doesn’t think of the 80s?

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But few will also say that the public should appreciate the work of a dangerous and prolific pedophile.

But the level of censorship of Jackson’s past extends to more than just music. Many of his television appearances will soon be hard to find.

For example, Michael Jackson appeared in an acclaimed episode of the TV show The Simpsons. But since the airing of Leaving Neverland, the creators of The Simpsons have decided to remove Jackson’s episode in repeats, on streaming services and in physical media releases.

This event itself could show that public opinion has turned against Michael Jackson forever.

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The Michael Jackson episode of The Simpsons was made before Jackson’s two previous child abuse lawsuits. However, on neither of those occasions was the episode removed from circulation whatsoever.

What Leaving Neverland does so effectively is show how Michael Jackson tricked the world into believing he was an eccentric, innocent person.

Large amounts of time in the documentary are dedicated to showing how the singer curated his public persona.

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Unlike anything that has ever come before it, Leaving Neverland shows that through his charm and quirks, Michael Jackson played everyone for a fool.

The documentary shows that the two victims’ families were completely enraptured by the lonely billionaire. So much so that they let their guard down around him, putting their children in danger.

It also shows the extreme reactions of Jackson’s fans, who proclaim his innocence, even without any evidence to this fact other than that he had amazing talent.

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Perhaps soon it will seem crazy that the world ever loved Jackson at all and could fall for his tricks.

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