Four Ducks Go Out And Get Arrested
These four ducks were determined to have a great night, and boy did they succeed.
Rachel Shapiro

On the Fourth of July, four ducks decided to make a break for freedom. But the ducks got a bit too rowdy, and the night ended with them getting arrested.


The four ducks belong to Cindy Osiecki, who lives in Great Bend, Pennsylvania. When everyone was distracted by Fourth of July activities, the ducks left their yard and set off an adventure around their hometown.

The ducks waddled about a mile up the road, and they ended up in front of a local Pump N Pantry convenience store. The ducks hung out there, accepting food from Pump N Pantry’s customers.

When the ducks showed no sign of leaving, a Pump N Pantry employee called the police, who came to arrest the ducks for loitering.

The officers arrived, and they quacked up when they saw who they were arresting. The officers tried to herd the ducks into their car, but the ducks didn’t go quietly. Pump N Pantry employee Kat described the scene to The Dodo:

“They were being chased by one of the police officers. They were chasing them around the car. I thought it was pretty funny, to be honest.”

After a long and intense chase, the officers finally caught the ducks and put them in their car. They posted a photo of the delinquent animals to Facebook, and the hilarious post was shared hundreds of times.

The police called around, trying to find out who the ducks belonged to, and neighbors pointed them towards Cindy Osiecki. Osiecki was shocked when she heard the police had taken her ducks into custody.

“I thought it was funny, I’m like ‘are you serious?’ There were like ‘yeah we took them’ because I guess people were trying to take my ducks, and everyone was feeding them, even the cop fed them bread,” Osiecki told WNEP 16.

Osiecki is relieved that her ducks are safe, and she’s glad that the police officers handled the situation so well and with so much humor. She told WNEP 16 that the officers jokingly said that they took the ducks’ webbed footprints.


The ducks are now back at home, happily swimming and quacking in their backyard creek. It seems like these ducks’ criminal days are behind them!

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By Rachel Shapiro
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