Photo Of Angry Cat Swimming Through Hurricane Harvey Gives People Much-Needed Moment Of Laughter
Koh Mochizuki

Hurricane Harvey has decimated the Gulf Coast, but the incredible tragedy has at least set the scene for some amazing moments.

Like this, the greatest image of any cat ever taken.


Look at this badass cat. Floods have decimated whole neighborhoods, including this kitty’s hunting grounds. Surrounded by water, there’s no way for Action Garfield to get things done without dealing with that cruel mistress of the briny deep. And so, Rambopuss grits his teeth, sets his ears back, and gets to work.

Seriously, cats are the thing I am the most allergic to in this world, but if this cat walked into my house I’d expect him to look me dead in the eye and say, “Deal with it. I swam through a hurricane and I am twice the man you are.”

As expected, the Internet loves Angry Cat.


Seriously, this cat is the Champion of Time. Swim on, stud. And spare the righteous from your unceasing kitty revenge.

The Harvey recovery is underway, please consider a donation to aid the victims. Or this cat might come for you.

H/T: Twitter

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By Koh Mochizuki
Koh Mochizuki is a contributor at SBLY Media.