Dog Cheese Is The Sport We've All Been Waiting For

November 18th, 2018

Throwing cheese at your dog (or cat, or iguana) is the hilarious new Internet sensation that will have you wondering why we didn’t come up with this earlier.

First, let’s get the most important thing out of the way: yes, most dogs can safely eat the kind of cheese you’d buy to toss at them. Just keep the runny French bleu and brie for yourself, unless you really like to clean up a hot mess.

In the last week alone, dozens of videos have been uploaded all over the ‘net of dog owners tossing sliced cheese at their canine companions. The dogs’ reactions ranged from ecstatic to confused to completely ambivalent – which, to be fair, can be said of just about anything you might do to amuse your pet.

The now-viral trend started with a video uploaded to Twitter on November 10th by Matt Elias, also known as @BlargMyShnoople, who we hope is putting this claim-to-fame on his resume. Matt decided to cheese his dog as an alternative to playing beer pong.

His dog Charlie was among the more clueless cheese recipients, as you can see:

Charlie was already eating his dinner when Matt tossed the cheese and didn’t even notice it had landed on his back. He’s happily chowing down on his dog food while his owner gets a kick out of his newly cheesed bestie.

It remains a mystery how long the cheese stayed on Charlie’s back, but we’re guessing he eventually sniffed it out.

The video of Charlie now has over 2 million views. It didn’t take long for the Internet to follow suit and now people all over the world are participating in the Dog Cheese sensation.

This dog isn’t so great at catching, but managed to get his treat within seconds:

Of course, some dogs are born Dog Cheese players, ready to catch and eat anything life throws at them, including a slice of cheddar:

And some are so delightfully chill and their culinary standards so low, they’re willing to eat anything they find on themselves:

While the game is slightly less productive with other pets, that didn’t stop this iguana owner from going next level:

Now we know: iguanas are not impressed by cheese. We hope this pet owner sleeps with one eye open for a few nights.

If sliced cheese is not your thing, or taco night has already begun and you’ve shredded all your cheese, never fear. While this masterpiece pre-dates the Dog Cheese trend, it shows that a truly hungry hound can adapt to all forms of cheese:

Of course, the cat owners out there may be wondering how they can get in on this. Cats, despite their reputation as dairy lovers, are commonly lactose intolerant, so it’s unwise to cheese them. But you can always improvise. Cat Tortilla, for example, could easily become the new Dog Cheese:

Ok, so maybe cats need their own game.

If the new Dog Cheese craze proves anything, it’s that the Internet is an endless fountain of hilarious animal videos. We just hope that no one had to learn the hard way that their dog is lactose intolerant.

So if you’re bored and your dog looks hungry, grab some cheese slices (just make sure they’re in the cheddar or mozzarella category, which are relatively low in lactose content, just to be safe), and get to work.

You never know, an official Dog Cheese competition could be right around the corner.

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Source: 9Gag