Mom shares things she wished she knew before becoming a parent

September 15th, 2020

When you become a parent, you may feel as though no matter how much you study and read up, there’s always going to be that trick question that you didn’t prepare for. The only thing is, that trick question comes up every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Does this sound familiar?

That was something mom Casey Huff could certainly relate to. That’s why she started making a list of things moms wished they knew before getting their parenting crown.

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Huff shared all kinds of tips from things like Googling your child’s symptoms when they’re sick to feeling like you’ve ruined your child’s life when you make one little mistake. Many moms could relate to what she put on her Facebook page for her blog, Bouncing Forward.

One of the things on the list was telling moms they would sleep again. Someday.

When you’re a new mom, you feel like you’re constantly on the hamster wheel, never taking the time to rest.

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Here are several other tips Huff posted on her Facebook page:

Food Dilemmas

Whether it’s breast milk or deciding what’s for dinner, you choose what’s right for your child to eat.

“Breastmilk is really good for babies. So is formula. Do what you gotta do. They’re your boobs, it’s your baby.”

“Always have an extra large bag of chicken nuggets waiting in the freezer for quick lunches or nights you’re too tired to cook dinner.”

“Make the pancake before you decide which shape to tell your kid it is. Accidental “dinosaur pancakes” are a whole lot easier to make than intentional ones.”

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Don’t Worry About Other People’s Opinions

Everyone is going to have an opinion but that doesn’t mean you have to listen to them.

“The only people who need to approve of your parenting decisions are you and your spouse. YOU are the parent. As long as you have the best interests of your children at heart, ignore the naysayers.”

“Screen time is not the enemy. Make sure whatever your kids are watching is age-appropriate, then sit back and drink your coffee in peace. (Also, prepare yourself to have at least one cartoon theme song stuck in your head at all times).”

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“You will make mistakes. Push the guilt aside, and do better the next time around.”

“No one who has ever had kids expects your house to be spotless—you’re the only one putting that pressure on yourself. Keep your house as clean or as messy as YOU are comfortable with.”

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“The pediatrician isn’t going to judge you if your kid is wearing mismatched socks at his well-check appointment.”
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Enjoy the Little Things

Sometimes we’re so busy looking at the big picture that we forget the little things. Sometimes they are the most important.
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“The best days are the days when everyone in the family stays in their pajamas. Cherish them.”
“Loving your kids in all of their forms is 95% of a job well done.”
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“Don’t be fooled—no one has it all together all of the time.”

Hitting Home

Huff’s words of wisdom hit home with so many moms who had plenty of comments after reading her post:

“This is all true. SO True! What seems like forever now will be gone in a blink, It just doesn’t seem like it at the time.” –Diane LaMoreaux Anderson

“Absolutely truth, sweet mama!! Love this soooo much”-Elizabeth Spenner

“To you and all mom’s. … Just always do your best. We all have bad days-make mistakes. We are not perfect..we are human.”- Sylvia Vaughn

Moms need their tribe for support and to let them know they’re not in this alone. Keep calm and mom on! To read all of Huff’s post, click here.

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