Mom shows off DIY child-proofing hack using baby wipes container

October 21st, 2020

Having a little child in the house is no mean feat. The first thing you need to consider is whether your house is ready for your little one. Is your home child-proof? Everything needs to be safe for the baby and there seems to be a lot that you should do and they are not cheap at all! But because you want your child to be safe and sound, you end up paying for costly child-proofing gadgets or tools.

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Well, here’s some good news for you, Mom! There’s a really cheap but very effective way to child-proof your home using your kids’ own supplies.

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One of the scariest things a mom can imagine is when her child accidentally puts her dainty little fingers inside the electric socket. They are usually placed lower and little children who are ever so curious and inquisitive can easily reach them as they explore around the house.

To solve this potential safety hazard, you can opt to buy electrical socket covers for all of your outlets in the house or you can try this really simple yet neat trick that one mom has shared online. It is a nifty solution that will surely save you some bucks and give you peace of mind while letting your little one roam around the house.

This “mom hack” is something you can surely do anytime because you probably have everything you need to do it!

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As a parent, there’s a high chance that you are purchasing baby wipes for your babies. After using all of the wipes, you may be thinking of throwing away the empty container right away without even realizing that it can be used for other purposes.

What seems like trash is now something that can be turned into a really useful child-proofing tool. Moms are sharing on YouTube and on Facebook the amazing way these empty baby wipe containers and the incredible hack really works like a charm!

Brittany Kurtz, a mom, shares how we can child-proof electrical outlets in the house using just one thing: an empty baby wipe container.

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Remove the adhesive top from the baby wipes package, then place over outlets. I certainly still…

Posted by Brittany Kurtz on Saturday, 15 September 2018

In her Facebook post, Brittany detailed the steps to be taken:

“Remove the adhesive top from the baby wipes package, then place over outlets. I certainly still will keep my baby safe outlet covers in, but this is just another precaution for on top. Out of site, out of mind,” she wrote.

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Once you remove the part that serves as the baby wipes dispenser, you can now put it over any electrical outlet in your home. It usually fits and the size is perfect for the standard outlet. To add more security, you will have to look for an adhesive to keep the cover in place.

Parents, especially moms online, found the hack really simple but practical. You don’t need to spend more and yet, you get to child-proof your dangerous electrical outlets so your child stays safe. What more could we ask for, right?

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When you’re a mom, everything that will keep your baby from harm is something that you want to do. Why don’t you give this effective “mom hack” a try? It is cheap and definitely useful!

Watch the video below to know more about how you can accomplish this hack.

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