6-Year-Old Mia Spots Ducking Stuck In A Drain
No one could reach the ducklings stuck in the drain. Thankfully, Mia's arms were small enough to save them.
D.G. Sciortino

When 6-year-old Mia Rabii came across a mother duck whose ducklings were trapped down a pipe, she knew she had to help and stepped right up to the challenge.

“I can do it,” she proudly declared.

Some passersby in Laguna Hills became suspicious when they saw a mother with just one duckling.

Mothers usually have several ducklings, so they knew something was wrong.

The mother duck looked anxious and the passersby eventually realized that her ducklings were trapped in a nearby pipe. When they weren’t able to rescue all the ducklings and asked Mia and her tiny arms for her help.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

“We were flagged down by a family that found the ducklings and [Mia] was able to get one or two out but couldn’t reach the rest of them down a pipe they fell down,” Mia’s mom Skye Rabii said.

Mia’s mom reminded her daughter that she always wanted to be a veterinarian.

“Veterinarians always help animals when they can this was her chance to help animals in trouble,” Skye said.

So, Mia enthusiastically stepped up to the plate. She reached down into the pipe until the pipe hit her shoulders. Her mother reminded her to be gentle since she was dealing with little babies. Mia pulled out her first duck and walked it over to the mother duckling.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

She soon realized that there was more than one baby stuck inside the pipe. She went back over to the pipe and ended up pulling out a few more.

“She walked them all to the mama duck who was so relieved,” Skye said. “The father duck was standing by, not moving until he saw his whole family.”

Mia was the student of the week at her school that week and told her class that she wanted to be a rock star.

However, after her duck rescue, she decided that she would change her career choice.

Now, she wanted to be a veterinarian. When Mia and her mom got home, they learned that the property management team found out about Mia’s rescue through the news.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Not only did they fix the hole where the ducklings fell down, but they found two more ducklings in there that were alive.

Mia’s story has spread far and wide. She was even featured on Inside Edition. You can watch this little hero and her duckling rescue below.

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By D.G. Sciortino
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