Map Shows Just How Far Jon Snow Has Traveled, Compared To The White Walkers

August 21st, 2017
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In earlier seasons of “Game of Thrones,” audiences were used to spending whole seasons watching characters travel across Westeros.

In season seven, however, with the series swiftly coming to a close, some viewers have noticed some not so subtle discrepancies between how long it takes some characters to travel versus how long it takes others.

Namely, Jon Snow and the White Walkers.

For those who are just now tuning in to the show, Jon Snow is currently the King of the North and is attempting to martial the forces of Westeros against the White Walkers, an army of ancient ice creatures that destroy everything in its path.

The map above compares the distance Jon Snow has traveled from season five to season seven and the distance the White Walkers have traveled in the same period.

The green line denotes Jon’s travels, taking him all over Westeros, from Castle Black to Winterfell, to Dragonstone to Eastwatch. The red line represents the White Walkers’ travels and is very minimal in comparison. Even though the White Walkers are the biggest threat on “Game of Thrones,” they seem to be moving at a comically slow pace.

Several users on Reddit have theorized why the White Walkers are moving at such a glacial pace.

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And this Twitter user provides some useful context.

But this GoT viewer can’t even…

How about some perspective people!

Who is to say what is causing the delay, but here’s a thought: perhaps they’re called White “Walkers” for a reason…

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