Man Summons Cows By Playing Saxophone

July 9th, 2019

For 53-year-old budding saxophonist Rick Herrman, trying to herd in a group of new fans meant that he’d have to put on his big boy boots and dodge all the cowpies dotting the landscape.

And no, that’s not a mysteriously shrouded metaphor for “encountering hardships on the road to fame.” The real truth is a lot funnier than that!

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“Our dog really doesn’t like it when my dad plays the saxophone.”

Erin Herrmann says that the family’s spunky 3-year-old yellow lab will moan, bark, and cover her poor ears anytime dad Rick tries to pull off his best (which is actually the worst) Kenny G impersonation.

With a glowing review like that, what’s a mediocre, middle-aged saxophonist supposed to do? Take his act onto a deserted backcountry road, of course!

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This cheeky dad has gone viral for playing his sax for a herd of cows!

Since Piper the pup gets really mad anytime Rick picks up the sax, he was forced to find a new venue outside of the home.

One day while out for a run on a backcountry Oregon road, Rick and his wife spotted a herd of cows just standing around looking bored in a nearby field. That’s when a mischievous idea popped into his head.

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Turns out they were in the “moo’d” for more!

Knowing how much their dog hated to hear him play the sax, the couple thought it’d be entertaining to see what kind of reaction they could get from the cows. And that’s where this whole crazy things starts to unfold.

In the video, we can see Rick standing next to a pasture by the side of the road. Dozens of curious dairy cows are ogling him from behind the fence, keeping a very safe distance.

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He starts off with a semi-awful rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” before slightly butchering George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” two songs he’d only recently learned to play.

Strangely enough, the cows seem to be enjoying the impromptu serenade! As dozens of brown cows inched closer towards the sassy sax player, Rick jokes on camera that it’s his first audition for a live audience.

Before long, every cow within earshot had gathered around to listen Rick play!

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When Rick’s daughter Erin saw the video after she got home from work, she asked if she could post it on her Twitter feed. Dad agreed, not knowing that it would soon gain over 11 million views.

Or that it’d be retweeted by famous saxophonist Kenny G!

“This is awesome! We all have to start somewhere!!”

As for Rick, he couldn’t believe his very strange 15 minutes of fame, and told The Oregonian:

“It’s kind of fun. I never expected it. It’s kind of crazy how things spread like that.”

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Rick’s musical inspiration as a kid was American saxophonist Boots Randolph, whose 1963 hit, “Yakety Sax” became the signature theme song for The Benny Hill Show.

But, for whatever reason, Rick didn’t start taking lessons until he’d already reached middle age, a decision that he sort of regrets.

“All throughout my adult life growing up I hadn’t had time, so I thought it’d be cool to learn the saxophone. People tend to put things off. Someday I’ll do this. Someday I’ll do that.”

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Rick probably never thought that someday he’d become famous for being “that guy” who played the sax for a herd of cows.

But, here he is, doing exactly like. Watch and enjoy!

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