Man makes 35 desks by hand for kids in need learning from home

September 28th, 2020

During these tough socially distanced times, a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us.

As for families with grade school kids, they’ve had to make some serious life adjustments to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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Parents have had to find a way to work during all of this while also keeping their kids occupied without the usual Summer fun.

But now that Summer has come to a close, the school year is another daunting adjustment for parents.

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Millions of students are starting the 2020-2021 school year virtually. This switch has thrown a curveball to families who can’t afford the internet services or materials for their kids to learn.

But a man named Mitchell Couch has stepped up to help families during these hard times.

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Couch is a woodworker from California and has two kids of his own. When his kids first started distanced learning they were taking over the dining room table, leaving school work everywhere.

So Couch decided to make them desks to have a more organized work station. When he was building, he had a total light bulb moment!

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Instagram/@goodlyearth Source: Instagram/@goodlyearth

He told Fox News,

“When I was building the second desk, I thought that others might benefit from knowing how to build their own desks. I did a quick YouTube video and posted a few directions along with a materials list, hoping that it could help anybody out.”

He wasn’t wrong. Couch’s DIY video sparked an interest in a local supermarket, Grocery Outlet.

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Instagram/@goodlyearth Source: Instagram/@goodlyearth

The supermarket offered Couch the materials if he could make a few more desks to donate to families in need. He gladly accepted the challenge and began working.

Plenty of sawing later… Couch made 35 wooden desks for students in his Lemoore California community.

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Instagram/@goodlyearth Source: Instagram/@goodlyearth

They delivered each desk to its happy home free of charge and continue to receive more requests. He went on to tell Fox News,

“Agriculture is huge in our area so we have a lot of farmworkers and there are families that are in need,”

His selfless act has made such a positive impact on his community and hopefully helped boost those students’ grades this year!

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Instagram/@goodlyearth Source: Instagram/@goodlyearth

The internet even went crazy for Couch’s desks. He posted to Reddit his finished desks with a caption reading

“I made 35 desks for students in my area who are home due to distance learning”

Couch woke up to his desks going completely viral and 140,000 upvotes on Reddit!

I made 35 desks for students in my area who are home due to distance learning. from pics

He couldn’t believe all of the hype for his desks. He told Fox News,

“I never would have imagined the reaction that I got, When I posted to Reddit I was able to answer a lot of questions. When I woke up the next morning I had hundreds of comments, questions and messages from around the world.”

We’re all in need of some positivity in a world full of negative news.

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Instagram/@goodlyearth Source: Instagram/@goodlyearth

It’s no surprise why these special desks have stolen our hearts. Kindness has the power to glue communities back together even during these socially distanced times.

If you know any families who need a nice and simple desk DIY for the kids definitely recommend Mitchell Couchs YouTube tutorial.

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YouTube/Mitch Couch Source: YouTube/Mitch Couch

Couch’s desks have brought a beam of hope and a much easier workspace for students.

See his full Instagram post below!

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I have to tell you about some amazing people in our community. The owners of the local Grocery Outlet saw my diy desk video and asked me if i could make some desks for them. They wanted to donate them to the local schools for the kids who are in need because of distant learning. I didn't hesitate to help them out. They asked for 25 desks to start but the need was great so we upped it to 35!!! My wonderful wife helped me through the whole thing and even surprised me with four desks she made while I was at work. The owners wanted to keep it low key but I just have to let others know how much local business means to a community like ours. Thank you Karin and David for being wonderful people. #supportsmallbusiness #groceryoutlet

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Now it’s time to rock this virtual school year.

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