Man Lives Simply In A Tent

March 11th, 2016

Bryce Langston, a member of the “Tiny House Team,” has been an avid fan of living life as simply as possible. He has a passion for environmentalism, and he wanted to see if he could lead a life that was both simple and eco-friendly. The result is the “Lotus Belle” tent.

While many of us have gone camping and lived inside a tent before, it’s hard to imagine spending a prolonged period of time in a tent, but this is precisely what Bryce plans on doing. While his home is being built, Bryce intends to live a simple life in a tent.

In the video below, he gives us a tour of his tent, and how he lives is quite stunning.

From the outside, the tent looks like unimpressive. I mean, it’s your typical tent. But once you step inside, it’s gorgeous. The interior is a one-room haven that’s both comfortable and cozy. Bryce has full access to running water, a bed, wood stove, a table, chairs, and a fireplace. It’s remarkable how he was able to fit so much into a small tent.

The tent also has great features. For example, there’s a wooden walkway in the tent that leads to a bathroom, which is separate from the house. The bathroom has bamboo walls, a compostable toilet, and running water.

Take a look at the tent yourself in the video below.

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[Source: Living Big In A Tiny House]