Man Finds His Missing Dog With A Goat

February 7th, 2019

It’s safe to say that every dog owner’s greatest fear is losing their dog. It is, unfortunately, something that can’t always be controlled. A dog or cat can always find a way of sneaking out of the house and running away forever.

It’s even worse when that pet belongs to a family. Imagine the heartbreak!

It happened to the Krier family, who loves going on adventures with their pup all the time.

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Kyle Krier Source: Kyle Krier

Their dog, a black Lab named Bo, really loves adventures. So much that he managed to slip away from the rest of the family when he was exploring the open fields near the family’s property in Kansas.

As any family would be, the Kriers were worried sick as soon as they noticed his disappearance.

“We had been searching for him nonstop,” Laura Krier shared.

Apparently, Bo was feeling a little bit lonely, because when he snuck away he managed to meet not one, but two new friends.

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Shawna Huggans Source: Shawna Huggans

At least he wasn’t alone!

A day later, Laura heard that a dog fitting Bo’s description had been discovered roaming around in a field 6 miles away from the house with two companions.

Laura’s husband, Kyle, drove to the spot to pick up their long-lost pooch only to find his new friends. See video of what he discovered below.

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Laura Krier Source: Laura Krier

He was spotted with another dog and a goat.

While it’s an unusual pairing, the Krier family was familiar with the two. They are named Ozzy and Libby, and they belong to Krier’s neighbors, Chris and Shawna Huggans.

“It’s difficult to say if Bo the black Lab or Libby and Ozzy were the culprit in starting the adventure. But, nonetheless, they escaped,” Shawna shared. “They’re pals for sure.”

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Laura Krier Source: Laura Krier

Regardless, it’s clear that Bo left and managed to hatch quite the plan with the other two.

And most importantly, everyone was safe and sound. Not that that means they should ever run off again, though!

It was a new and exciting experience for the animals, but also for their owners!

“It was one of those stories that you tell your family and friends and they don’t believe you,” Krier said. “But then you watch the video and it totally happened.”

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Kyle Krier Source: Kyle Krier

According to Laura, Bo is always high energy, on the search for the next big adventure. “It is funny. Bo is crazy, he is full of energy and always up to something… He’s a nice, sweet dog.”

While they are an unlikely pair, we sure hope this means that Bo, Ozzy, and Libby will all get to hang out with each other more often now. Especially because their neighbors!

Do you think the Kriers and Huggans will start setting up pet play-dates?

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