Mailman Befriends Dog On Route Before It Passes, Then Works To Fulfill Animal’s “Dying Wish”

June 28th, 2019

It turns out dogs and mailpeople CAN be friends.

Chris Cimino’s elderly dog Gretchen took some time to warm up to everyone in her life after she was adopted in 2013. He told “Good Morning America” last week that while the pup was “sweet as can be,” she was also “pretty standoff-ish.”

“Her mistrust of just about everyone outside of the family was pretty evident,” Cimino said.

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Pam Cimino via Facebook Source: Pam Cimino via Facebook

Enter mailman Fernando Barboza, an inveterate dog-lover who made friends with every canine on his route.

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Fernando Barboza via Facebook Source: Fernando Barboza via Facebook

While Gretchen was initially skittish around him, Barboza didn’t give up. He brought her treats with the mail and made sure to call out a greeting to her every time he came to the house.

“…he was pretty persistent … he would call her name and she started looking forward to it. Even when he didn’t have any packages to deliver to the door he would drive by and say, ‘Hey Gretchen,'” Cimino said.

Eventually, Gretchen would get up and wait for Barboza at the door whenever she heard the mail truck.

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@DeCuervo via Twitter Source: @DeCuervo via Twitter

Sadly, the sweet German Shepherd passed away after years of friendship and Cimino couldn’t bring himself to let Barboza know in person. That’s when he got an idea to leave him a special note.

The Monday after Gretchen’s death, Barboza saw that the family had outgoing mail, but when he checked the box, he found a ziplock bag containing dog treats and a note.

Source: The Dodo