Man Shows Orangutan A Magic Trick, The Reaction Is Priceless

November 29th, 2018

Have you ever wondered how an orangutan would respond if you showed them a magic trick? Well, you’re in luck, as one man decided to complete this experiment recently at the Barcelona Zoo.

In a video that has been racking up millions of views on YouTube, the zoo visitor chose to demonstrate a simple disappearing act for an orangutan using a ball and a cup, and the orangutan’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

The video starts with the orangutan sitting, looking curiously through the glass trying to figure out what the man is doing.

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He shows the curious ape a ball inside the cup, places the lid on top, and proceeds to shake it up. The man then hides the cup under his leg for a split second while he removes the ball. Then he brings the cup back into the orangutan’s view.

When he takes the lid off and shows that the cup is empty, the primate can’t believe its eyes.

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The orangutan cracks a giant smile, bursts out laughing, and actually falls over rolling around on the ground.

It really adds a new dimension to the phrase “doubled over with laughter”. I bet the magician wishes everyone would react that well to his magic tricks, although to be fair, he did have a captive audience.

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This isn’t the only time however that a primate has had a hilarious reaction to a magic trick.

In a different video, a man shows a disappearing and reappearing card trick to a baboon. As the card magically reappears right in front of the baboon’s eyes, it’s clear that his mind is completely blown.

His jaw literally drops wide open.

Inspired by all the different videos like these, world-famous magician Simon Pierro decided to try his hand at some primate magic too, performing one of his classic iPad magic tricks for a group of excited chimps.

He talks about it in more detail in an article on his website:

“I’ve been performing my iPad magic in live situations to thousands of people all over the world, and they all react differently depending on their backgrounds and personalities. After experiencing the vast range of human reactions to iPad magic, I thought it would be fun to try it out on a non-human audience,” wrote Pierro.

It’s great that this fad of performing for primates is catching on!

First, Pierro shows the chimp an image of a peanut on the iPad screen, then shortly after he magically turns it into a real peanut.

When he goes to offer the peanut to the chimp, however, it magically disappears once again. It is some pretty funny stuff.

Pierro continues on like this for a while with different versions of the trick, and even hands over the iPad to the chimp. The most amazing part? The chimp didn’t even break the expensive device, handling it with a delicate touch like it had been using it all its life.

Although these different videos are all amazing, the best one is still the original “Monkey Sees A Magic Trick” video featuring the curious orangutan in the Barcelona Zoo and the hilarious reaction that followed.

Watch the awesome video below, and try not to laugh! I bet you can’t..

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Source: Dan Zaleski