Woman Saves 10 Abandoned Kittens Who Followed Her Down The Road

January 26th, 2019

Bree Taylor is an animal lover to the core, and when she found not one but ten abandoned kittens on the side of the road, her heart just broke for them.

Bree is a loving dog owner from Dalby in southeast Queensland, Australia. She was enjoying a long walk with her pup, Koda, along Branch Creek road when all of a sudden a small rustling in the field grass nearby gave way to a small horde of kittens.

Bree quickly stepped back with her dog as, to her amazement, she counted ten tiny kittens eagerly racing toward her.

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Facebook/Bree Taylor Source: Facebook/Bree Taylor

A shocked Bree wasn’t quite sure what to do in that particular instant.

In an interview with Courier Mail, the compassionate dog-mamma describes the various thoughts racing through her head upon seeing the poor lot of kittens.

Her mind rapidly turned over the possibility that the mamma cat was nearby, waiting to pounce on Bree or her dog in order to protect her babies from a perceived threat.

“Honestly I thought they were little ferals coming out to attack my puppy and sort of stood back ‘cause I thought mumma cat was going to come out.”

When the mother of the litter never appeared, Bree and her pup began to let their guard down and she welcomed them into her embrace.

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We Love Animals/Bree Taylor Source: We Love Animals/Bree Taylor

To her astonishment, though she had originally been worried about the kittens’ temperament she quickly understood that all these sweet little guys wanted was some simple affection.

“They came right up, so I sat on the ground and they were purring and really hungry.”

As Bree sat there petting the tiny charmers, she was surprised at how much at ease they seemed with a complete stranger, wanting nothing more than some sweet little pets.

“I just couldn’t believe there were ten and I was just more surprised that all they wanted was a cuddle.”

Bree knew she just had to do something for them.

When Bree sat there with the kittens, petting them as she listened to their soft little purs, it became clear to her that these kittens were at least somewhat domesticated, and certainly hadn’t been living in the wild.

‘They were very hungry. I knew they weren’t feral because they weren’t hissing they were meowing and jumping on me. They definitely knew what a human was.”

Bree was aware that she was now in charge of getting these 10 abandoned kittens to safety, but was worried about how she was going to make it happen.

“I was more nervous they were going to get run over by a truck and the fact I couldn’t carry them all.”

Knowing she had to do something, she decided the safest way to help the litter out was to walk her dog home first and then come back for the kittens with something to carry them in but to her shock and amazement, the kittens began to follow her down the road.

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Facebook/Bree Taylor Source: Facebook/Bree Taylor

The abandoned kittens weren’t about to let Bree out of their sight, and literally chased her over one and a half miles back to her house!

While most of the kittens were keeping up with Bree without much of a problem, the runt of the litter wasn’t able to keep at a trot with the others.

“Because it was so much smaller and it was freezing and it was at least a kilometre back home. It laid down and didn’t want to walk anymore.”

Bree picked up the small kitty and tucked it under her arm as she kept leading her random cat-pack home with her dog beside her.

Although Bree had no idea why the kittens were determined to follow her home she knew that once she got them there, they would need some serious TLC, starting with some fresh milk and loves.

The helpful animal lover knew that it was time to get to work finding them good homes.

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Facebook/Bree Taylor Source: Facebook/Bree Taylor

As Bree began the overwhelming process of rehoming not one, but ten abandoned kittens, she just couldn’t wrap her head around anyone wanting to “dump” the kittens off on the side of the road with no concerns for their safety.

“I was disgusted that someone had just dumped them.”

Bree wasn’t the only one whose heart went out to the small band of kittens.

Once Bree took to social media to find each kitten a good and loving home, support of all kinds started pouring in. One woman, in particular, living in Kunnunara, Western Australia named Sue French donated a whopping $100 to help Bree with things like food, kitty litter, shots, desexing, and anything else they might need while she found each of them a new family.

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Daily Mail/Bree Taylor Source: Daily Mail/Bree Taylor

The caring dog owner was overwhelmingly grateful for all of the people supporting her through the social media outlets, and it was only a short matter of time before news stations began reaching out to her to get the story behind the beautiful abandoned kittens.

“It was a big help,” she said of the financial support she had received.

Bree described to Daily Mail the importance of being able to fix stray cats, not just for their own chances of getting adopted, but for the greater good of the entire community that they dwell in.

“They are incredible at reproduction. They have a huge impact on native wild life in the environment especially feral cats, which is most likely what these kittens would have turned into.”

Thanks to Bree and her efforts, though, that wasn’t going to happen to these kittens.

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The Courier-Mail/Bree Taylor Source: The Courier-Mail/Bree Taylor

After news outlets stepped in to cover the story of the abandoned kittens and Bree’s valiant attempt at rescuing them from becoming feral or worse, dead in the street, it didn’t take long at all for these sweet little furballs to find new homes with loving families.

While she managed to rehome 9 out of the 10 kittens, she couldn’t help but keep one kitty to herself. Obviously, the kittens were meant to end up in Bree’s care.

Although it all worked out for the better, Bree had some intense words for the inhumanely merciless people who abandoned the kittens in such a dangerous spot.

“If you can’t afford to desex your cat, or look after and find homes for kittens don’t own a cat. Don’t dump them on the road after they are already reliant on humans — it’s cruelty.”

Amen, sister! Truer words were never spoken.

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