Kathie Lee Gifford gushes that she’s “in a really special relationship with someone”

May 3rd, 2021

Kathie Lee Gifford has revealed that her single days are over in her latest interview with Today.

The former fourth hour co-host might not have been on the lookout for love- but the best things often come when we’re least expecting them to!

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Kathielgifford via Instagram Source: Kathielgifford via Instagram

The global pandemic has switched up just about everybody’s daily routines, and TODAY co-anchor Savannah Guthrie was keen to hear what Kathie has been up to recently.

It was then that Kathie shared the big news that she now has a new partner.

“I’m in a really special relationship with somebody that is nice and fun and healthy, and so that’s good,” she said.

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Kathielgifford via Instagram Source: Kathielgifford via Instagram

While this is certainly exciting news, Kathie tried to play down her announcement as Suzanna probed her for more information.

“It’s just happy, and I don’t want to mess it up, and I probably already have by just even mentioning it,” Kathie Lee said. “To be in a place where you feel like every aspect of your life is good, that nothing’s missing, and that’s a beautiful place to be. I’m just so grateful.”

She might be acting coy, but she can’t wipe the huge smile off her face!

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Kathielgifford via Instagram Source: Kathielgifford via Instagram

For those who want to find out more about the mystery man, Kathie also spoke on the fourth hour about her new relationship.

“I’ve just found somebody that is so much fun to be with,” she said. “He is challenging to me. He’s the smartest person I’ve ever met, but he’s funny.

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Today Source: Today

“And we have a great time together, and so at this point in my life that’s exactly what I need and exactly what I want, you know? Different seasons of life — we weren’t meant to know each other before, it’s right now. We don’t know what the future holds at all, but we’re having fun today.”

Kathie was married to Frank Gifford for nearly 30 years until his passing in 2015.

She happily remained single for the next four years, before she began to test the waters again. Back in 2019, she talked about how she was ‘having some fun’ but wasn’t actively looking for love.

“I’ve had a couple of dates, and I’ve had some fun,” she explained. “Everybody goes dancing and to music festivals and stuff like that, but no, that hasn’t happened yet. I’m not sure it ever will again. I’m not online; I’m not looking for it. I never go out and say, ‘Gee, maybe today’s the day.’ It’s not like that.”

“You don’t find love. Love finds you,” she said, adding, “It hasn’t found me yet.”

It seems like Kathie met her boyfriend at the perfect time, since lockdown put an end to parties and festivals for a good while.

It was around 2019 that Kathie dated somebody new for the first time, but while they had a good time, the pair soon ended on amicable terms.

“It’s surreal,” Kathie Lee said at the time about going on her first date in over 30 years. “You know, it’s surreal. ‘Cause the world’s changed so much, you know. But he’s a gentleman, so it was fine. It was fine. It was fun. But then I got so busy. We’re just from different worlds.”

We’re delighted for Kathie that she’s finally met her dream man. We can’t wait to hear more about him!

Take a look at her interview with Today below:

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