Family Of Dogs Accompanies Owner To Hospital

January 9th, 2019

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. Their loyalty and love for their owners is perhaps the strongest bond in the world. This story shows just how strong that bond is.

Cesar is a resident of Alto Vale in Brazil. He doesn’t have much in life.

He has no home, no job, very few possessions.

But he has the love of his family of dogs.

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Although Alto Vale can sometimes be a dangerous city, Cesar doesn’t feel scared living on the streets. That’s because he has the kinship of the dogs to help him through any situation.

The four dogs are all of wildly different breeds and backgrounds.

But the same thing unites them and brought them to Cesar: they were all strays.

Some had been abandoned by their owners, while the others were born on the streets.

But thanks to Cesar’s way with dogs, he has been able to tame them all and give them a fantastic life.

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All four of the dogs are healthy and well fed. In fact, Cesar often prioritizes the health of the dogs above his own. If food is short, he will skip his own meals to feed his dogs.

But recently, Cesar’s health had been declining rapidly.

Though he was getting weaker and weaker, he wouldn’t go to a hospital.

Cesar had always hated going to see doctors and feared that they would judge him for his way of life.

But his problem had become too much of a burden.

Eventually, Cesar had to admit himself to a hospital.

But his dog family ensured that he wouldn’t have to go through the stressful experience alone.

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The workers at the Alto Vale hospital had never seen anything like it.

Cesar walked into the hospital, with his dogs in tow. When he got to the entrance, he told them to stay.

The loyal dogs all waited at the door. But they kept their sights on Cesar at all times. Often, as Cesar waited to be admitted, he would look at his dogs for support. And they gave him the strength to go through with the hospital visit.

Eventually, Cesar was seen to. He went into the doctor’s office.

But first, he told his dogs that he would be back soon.

But his testing took many hours, much longer than he suspected.

Throughout this time, the dogs stayed, waiting for their owner to come back through.

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The doctors were eventually able to diagnose Cesar with an easily treatable condition. He was going to have to stay at the hospital for a few days. But he would be all right. Relief shot through him, and he knew that he had to inform his dogs.

When Cesar emerged, he was in a wheelchair. The dogs, still waiting at the door, looked incredibly excited.

But they knew that they weren’t allowed to enter, so they waited patiently.

But the workers at the hospital decided to do something against the regulations. They could see how much Cesar and the dogs wanted to be together, with them constantly maintaining eye contact.

So the workers said that Cesar’s dogs could come in.

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Cesar ordered them to come inside, and they ran to him, hugging their owner. He explained to the dogs that he was going to be fine and that they wouldn’t have to stay for very long.

A few days later, Cesar was feeling much, much better. He left the hospital, with his dog family in tow.

Let’s hope that things keep going well for Cesar and his dogs.

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Source: The Dodo