11 Glue Gun Hacks

June 15th, 2017

Glue guns aren’t just for crafting. There are many useful things glue guns can do that will make your life easier.

Here are 11 of our favorite glue gun hacks.

1) Old School Wax Seal

Seal your letter like they did in the olden days by using a crayon instead of a glue stick and making a circular seal over your letter. You can push a stamp or any type of seal into it.

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NX2 Source: NX2

2) Pet Hair Glove

Take a rubber dishwashing glove and make little hot glue dots all over the palm side of your glove and let it cool. When you pet your cat or dog their loose hair will stick to it and will be easy to pull off.

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

3) Non-Slip Hanger

Make squiggly lines on the top of your hanger and let it dry. This will prevent your clothes from slipping off.

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Nicole Hilado Source: Nicole Hilado

4) Knife Sheath

Rub vaseline all over the knife you want to make the cover for. Then hot glue one side of the knife and press against a flat surface. Flip over and glue the other side of the knife and its sides.

When the glue dries you should be able to slip the glue on and off. This makes a great knife sheath.

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

5) Non-Slip Slippers

Mark up the bottoms of your slippers with some hot glue to prevent slips and falls.

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Make Source: Make

6) Size a Ring

Dip the end of your ring into a blob of hot glue and let it cool off. Before it hardens, fit it over your finger so it forms the right shape and prevents your ring from slipping off.

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One Crazy House Source: One Crazy House

7) Custom Rolling Pin

Mark up a rolling pin with a design of your choosing. When you use your rolling pin, that design will show up on whatever you’re rolling out.

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I Can Teach My Child Source: I Can Teach My Child

8) Makeup Brush Washing Board

Make squiggly marks, dots, and other shapes with hot glue on a clipboard and let dry. Place a drop of dish soap on your board.

Run your water as you rub your makeup brush over the soap and over the glue marks and scrub out the old makeup.

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Makeup Tutorials Source: Makeup Tutorials

9) Cabinet Door Stopper

Protect your cabinet doors by placing dots of hot glue on your cabinet where the door hits and let dry. When it hardens, it will protect your cabinet door from smacking against the cabinet.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

10) Customize Jars and Bottles

Jazz up a jar or bottle by writing a word or design with a glue gun and painting over it.

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DIY Cozy Home Source: DIY Cozy Home

11) Non-Slip Rug

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Life As Mama Source: Life As Mama

Hot glue squiggly lines to the bottom of a rug to prevent it from slipping.

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