People Save Cub Stuck In Drain

September 16th, 2017

Have you ever seen a fox up close? For most of us, the answer is probably no.

After all, foxes and their cubs are known to be secretive and sly animals that prefer not to spend much time around humans. Chances are if you see a fox up close and exposed, there may be something wrong.

That was the case for some bystanders in the small English town of Cooden Beach in Bexhill.

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The story started when locals heard some crying from inside a drain pipe.

After some quick investigation of the sounds, the locals also noticed that there was an adult fox standing in plain sight near the hole that the sounds were coming from. Because the sight of a fully-grown fox is so rare, residents knew something serious was happening. Upon closer inspection, the situation became clear.

As it turns out, the mother fox had a baby cub stuck in the drainage pipe—and couldn’t do anything to help.

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Fortunately, some good samaritans got in touch with rescuers from the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) to help out.

The rescuers arrived on-scene and tried to use a drainage rod to help get the cub dislodged from the piping below. Although they tried fishing it out for about 90 minutes, they realized that the cub was in a part of the pipe that was unreachable.

Still, they knew that if the cub didn’t make it out of the pipe, it would die.

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After waiting for some time, the rescuers tried again.

This time, one of the men was able to feel the cub in the tunnel! As it turns out, the cub had finally made its own way back to the entrance of the hole and just needed a little help to get out. With that, the team was able to grab hold of the cub and gently pull him out safe and sound.

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After a quick bath, the cub was finally reunited with its mother!

The team placed the cub in an open carrier which the mother approached cautiously. After carefully helping her cub out, the two pranced off together back into the woods. In all, this story shows the undying love between a mother and child, no matter what the species. Fortunately, the mother fox also had some help from some good citizens as well.

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East Sussex WRAS does good work rescuing animals, but they are a charity. If you were moved by this story, consider donating through their site!

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