Baby Elephant Stays By Rescuer's Side
Some would say he found his adopted mom!
A.J. Gibson

Moyo, a baby elephant, was a few days old when they found her isolated along the bank of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. After a few days of searching for her herd, rescuers stepped in as a pack of hyenas began following her.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

She was taken to Wild is Life, a wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe dedicated to helping animals return to the wild.

Roxy Danckwerts, the founder of the sanctuary, has nurtured her ever since.

“Moyo is just as important to me, as I am to her. She is one of those animals with whom I have formed an extraordinary bond of friendship, trust and love.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

When she first brought Moyo to Wild is Life, Roxy and her team believed the elephant was a male. However, as time progressed, they realized Moyo was in fact a female.

“When Moyo was tiny we all thought she was a boy, but now know she is a she. The most important thing is she is well and healthy.”

(You will notice Roxy referring to Moyo as “he” in the video below).

Moyo and Roxy are tied to the hip. Since her arrival at the sanctuary, Moyo follows Roxy everywhere – including indoors.

“I am an integral part of her life. She knows my voice, my smell and somehow knows where I am at all times. How, I have no idea!”

As Moyo gets bigger, bringing her into the house becomes more of a challenge.

“This is [her] favorite sofa, but [she’s] getting a little bit big for it now. I think it might break soon.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

This rambunctious elephant gets her curious little trunk into almost everything.

“[She] loves silver, it’s really interesting. Talk about an elephant with a silver spoon in [her] mouth.”

Just like a puppy, it looks like Moyo could use some potty training.

“Now [she’s] just peed on my floor. With most animals it’s a little puddle, this is a very very big puddle.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The average adult African elephant ranges between eight and eleven feet tall, weighing two and a half to seven tons. In the wild, these elephants are expected to live up to seventy years.

They are the largest land animals on the planet.

Elephants continue to grow until they are twenty-five. Moyo still has a long way to go before she’s full-size.

Looks like she will continue causing mischief in the house for a few years to come.

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By A.J. Gibson
A.J. Gibson is a contributor at SBLY Media.