Dog Patiently Waits At Owners Bedside Unaware Owner Gone

July 1st, 2019

Moose the doggy waited for his owner to come back for him. Sadly, he never did.

At one point Moose probably felt like he was one of the luckiest dogs in the world. He had an awesome daddy who gave him hugs every morning, played fetch with him in the afternoon, and at night, well, the two got to snuggle up together before falling asleep!

But, that all changed when the pup’s beloved human companion suddenly disappeared for good.

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Flickr/Kai Schreiber Source: Flickr/Kai Schreiber

When NorthStar Pet Rescue shared a photo of the despondent pup on their Facebook page, the heartbreaking scene explained more than words ever could.

The loyal pooch is pictured sitting on his back haunches, keeping vigil by his deceased owner’s empty hospital bed.

“Moose sat patiently next to his dad’s hospital bed, waiting for him to return, not knowing that “Dad” had passed away.”

The gorgeous 3-year-old lab mix was allowed to be with his bestie in his final hours, not understanding that it would be the last precious moments they would ever spend together.

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Facebook/NorthStar Pet Rescue Source: Facebook/NorthStar Pet Rescue

Sometimes we forget that humans aren’t the only ones who get left behind when a loved one passes.

Unfortunately for Moose, he was now a dog without any family ties, which basically meant that his future was on shaky ground.

Not only did Moose desperately miss his dad, but he was also homeless and had nowhere to run around and play like the good old days.

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Flickr/Chris Bowman Source: Flickr/Chris Bowman

Thankfully, Moose was taken to the EHR Kennel in Randolph, New Jersey for some tender loving care!

“Moose has now been returned to our friends at Eleventh Hour Rescue and he’s taking the loss of his dad pretty hard.”

Even though he had been “rescued,” the lonely pooch still needed something more than what a temporary shelter could offer.

In a desperate plea for help, NorthStar Pet Rescue used the influence of social media to see if anyone was willing to step up to the plate and help this doggy heal his broken heart!

“He’s a sweet happy boy by nature. He just needs people to help his heart heal.”

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Flickr Source: Flickr

Moose is described as being a well-behaved pooch, so long as there isn’t a bird or kitty around to tempt his hunting instincts. And while he gets along okay with other dogs, there is one thing that makes him absolutely nuts – being surrounded by good people!

“But people, boy, does he love them! So much so that Moose would do best in a home where he wasn’t left home alone all day long, he misses his people too much”

This furry ball of sweet love just wants to share some hugs and doggy kisses with a human BFF again. Will Moose ever find another deserving person to spend fur-ever with?

“Let’s mend this broken heart, together.”

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Flickr/Bailiwick Studios Source: Flickr/Bailiwick Studios

After a public appeal went out to help Moose find a foster home, he got something even better. In an update to their original post, NorthStar Pet Rescue said:

“Update from our friends at Eleventh Hour Rescue: Thanks to the power of social media, Moose has received several applications & we are hopeful he will find a forever home soon! Thank you for caring & sharing everyone!”

Three days later, the news took an even sweeter turn for the grieving pup.

“Update: MOOSE HAS BEEN ADOPTED by a wonderful family who will care for and love him for the rest of his life! Thank you again to everyone who shared his story!”

Even though Moose will never forget his first dad, at least he now gets to have a second chance at a silver lining.

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