Sweet Dog Meets Homeless Twins And Insists On Bringing Him Home To Stay

June 10th, 2019

Bethany Coleman and her boyfriend, Tyson, were already living in a cramped apartment in Boston with two senior cats and a sweet cairn terrier mix named Rogue.

They had the cats for almost as long as they could remember and had adopted Rogue from the Animal Rescue League of Boston back when she was just a small and rather adorable puppy.

The dog got along perfectly with the older cats in the house and never seemed to mind being the only dog in the house. In fact, she seemed to love the extra attention it got her.

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b3thany_ via Instagram Source: b3thany_ via Instagram

Bethany and Tyson were happy with everything too. The liked the number of pets they had and thought it was a perfect amount to have. There were no plans to make any more additions to their perfect furry family.

But, all of that would change one unexpected day when they were out walking Rogue.

Fate and the farmers market

Their walk included the local farmers market on that day. There, besides the usual selection of fruits and vegetables, were members from the Last Hope K9 Rescue shelter. They had brought out several dogs in the hopes of finding them their forever homes.

One of those dogs looked like a slightly scruffier version of Rouge, and she noticed immediately. It would have been hard not to.

Bethany noticed too. She had to do a double take to make sure Rogue hadn’t wandered off and joined the dogs from the shelter. She hadn’t. Rogue was sitting there beside her. This was the pet’s doppelganger standing right in front of them both.

Rogue looked up at her mom with the kind of pleading eyes that only a dog can do. She really wanted to take her twin home. After all, it’s not every day that you meet your double at the farmers market, or anywhere. It’s a once in a lifetime chance.

Suddenly, Rogue knew there was more to life than being the only dog in the house. There was something even better – having your twin with you!

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b3thany_ via Instagram Source: b3thany_ via Instagram

Adoption day

Bethany couldn’t resist those eyes. She knew she had to adopt the dog, for herself as well as Rogue.

They brought the new dog home with them. There would be plenty of playing. Both dogs instantly loved spending time together. They became nearly inseparable and their enthusiasm was boundless.

As for fitting another animal into that small, cramped Boston apartment, they wouldn’t have to deal with it for too long.

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b3thany_ via Instagram Source: b3thany_ via Instagram

The entire family ended up moving to Hawaii where there would be plenty of space to go for walks, play, and roam as a family. There would also be more farmers markets to peruse.

They have all finally found true happiness together.

It’s a perfect life, especially when you get to share it with your twin.

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b3thany_ via Instagram Source: b3thany_ via Instagram

If you want to see more of their adventures, check out the Bethany’s Instagram account, b3thany_. She shares plenty of photos of the two dogs living it up together.

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