Dog Stays Near A Hospital, Not Knowing His Owner Is Dead

May 14th, 2019

Many nurses, doctors, and visitors have come across a Labrador named Toto as he patiently waits for his owner to come back out of the hospital building that he went into.

The dog sits by the door of the hospital in Argentina, not knowing that his owner had passed away inside and will not be coming out that door to reunite with his pet.

It’s a sight that could bring a tear to any eye.

Yeah, we’re crying too.

Toto is a friendly soul and many people have stopped to snap pictures and give him a pet, something he is happy to accept. He seems affectionate and upbeat, despite his long wait outside the hospital.

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Long Chau via Facebook Source: Long Chau via Facebook

A Story of Loss

His owner had asked for the dog to be brought by the hospital so they could say their final goodbyes, and we can see why this loyal dog would be one of his top priorities. Toto cmes with an immeasurable about of devotion.

Unfortunately, the family members who brought the dog with them to visit at the hospital did not take him with when they left. Poor Toto lost his owner and was abandoned all within a short amount of time. He really did have a hard week.

No wonder he sits vigil outside that hospital door.

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Long Chau via Facebook Source: Long Chau via Facebook

Finding Those Who Care

Photos of the dog started to pop up on social media as his stay outside of the hospital reached more than a week.

Even the local media began to take notice and they looked into the dog’s story to find out why he was still there.

They are also looking into what the dog’s fate will be.

We are hoping for only the best for this truly loyal creature.

For now, nearby neighbors are feeding the dog as he waits for an owner who will never be able to come to bring him back home.

No one seems to mind that he has taken up residence outside of the hospital for a while. He is becoming a familiar face and many people stop to check on him. They offer the dog praise and play with him. He seems appreciative of the attention as he spends his time waiting.

A vet has stopped by to check on the dog and says that one of his paws will need surgery but that the gentle soul is otherwise in fairly good health.

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Roberto Cardella via Facebook Source: Roberto Cardella via Facebook

The Search for a New Home

An animal protection organization in the area has also taken an interest in Toto and is working hard to find him a forever home. They are trying to find someone who can keep the dog in a home that he cannot escape from because they are worried that the loyal canine will attempt to return to the hospital again in search of his owner.

Pets are often left at shelters or on the streets when their owners pass away. It is important to have a plan for them so that they are cared for and their futures are ensured.

Hopefully, the animal protection organization will find a home for Toto and he can begin the healing process. Loss is hard on all of us, and our loyal pets can feel it just as profoundly.

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Bdow5150 via Flickr Source: Bdow5150 via Flickr

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