Man Builds Doghouse Underneath Staircase
Would your dog like to live in this?
Kalli Sarkin

Many people wonder what to do with the extra space under their home staircase. I have seen under-the-stairs closets converted into coat closets, storage cabinets, bookshelves, and even clubhouses for young children. There are many great ways to utilize the space under the stairs, but when it comes to ingenuity, this man’s idea takes the cake.

Imgur user LuisCottoEMS decided to do something unique with his extra space. As the proud owner of a dark grey pit bull named Nickel, Luis discovered a way he could enhance his dog’s life while working on his own home project. He bought some drywall and paint and got to work.

Luis converted the unused space into an amazing doghouse for Nickel. This puppy home is complete with decorations, a facade, and its very own fence! Nickel is one lucky dog.

Building the doghouse under the stairs took patience and handwork. The project underwent several building phases before it started looking like a home for Nickel. Luis was dedicated to making this little home cozy and comfortable.

First he had to run a new electric cable through the little room. Luis wanted to put lights in the doghouse so Nickel could see his beautiful home while he laid inside. He also had to insulate the space so that it would stay warm during the winter, like a bedroom in a human house.

The next step was the drywall and floor base. It is astounding what an incredible difference a few layers of drywall can make! The floor base serves to spare Nickel the stress of walking or laying on concrete. Luis thought of everything.

With the space looking a little more room-like, it was time to round out the edges. Luis explains that he “did what [he] could to [make] the angle less steep.” This is something Nickel definitely appreciated – no one likes running into sharp corners in a small space.

Next Luis coated the walls in plaster. He had to use “lots of plaster since drywall in this area was a pain,” but it was all worth it in the end.

With the basic structure of the room complete, Luis shifted his attention to the floor. He raised the floor of the doghouse one step up from the level of the hallway. This meant that the little room could stay even warmer.

For the color scheme of the doghouse, Luis went with “nice muted browns.” The colors provided a natural feel to the home while visually making the space seem as large as possible.

The cherrywood floor boards accent the light brown walls perfectly. Such a smooth floor is sure to feel comfortable to Nickel as he sprawls across it.

The trim around the floor really make the room look complete.

Next Luis “had to add a crown” to keep the room looking classy. Nickel is one lucky pup to own such a fancy home.

Luis knew that a doghouse facade would make the perfect entrance for Nickel’s new home. With lots of wood and planning, he made a stunning entryway for his pup. It even had a faux window on the roof!

Luis put up some motorcycle-themed decorations to give the walls a little liveliness. Apparently Nickel has great taste in wall decor.

The proud pup owner shared that he “had to add a camera so [he] could creep on [his dog].” Great idea, Luis! It will be interesting to see what wacky adventures Nickel has inside his new home.

Finally, Luis built a little door for the doghouse.

The door even comes with its own latch, so Nickel has somewhere to go when he needs a time out.

Luis used shims to build a tiny roof for the facade. The space looks just like a typical dog house.

What a lovely home you have, Nickel!

With the lights on, you can imagine the adorable dog snuggled up inside his new mansion.

When the home was almost complete, Luis couldn’t help but feeling like he still had more to add. He lined the inner ceiling with wooden panels to give the room more dimension.

And voila! Nickel loves his new home.

It is inspiring to see an owner who loves his dog so much that he is willing to dedicate countless hours of time and effort to building something for him. The friendship between Luis and Nickel is sure to last forever.

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