Dog Discarded With Furniture On The Side Of The Road

July 19th, 2019

Putting your old furniture and appliances on the curb to be picked up by the city or county sanitation service is far from a rare thing. It’s a common practice and usually one that is encouraged by the local area government, assuming they’re given notice or that it’s during a regularly scheduled bulk pick up day.

But a resident in Lincoln County, Mississippi left far more that just some old furniture behind.

Instead, they are guilty of leaving a living breathing creature. This puppy was left on the curb along with an unwanted chair and TV, abandoned like just another old and unwanted item, which is far from what he deserves. No animal deserves to be discarded like that.

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Sharon Norton via Facebook Source: Sharon Norton via Facebook

Abandoned like garbage

Sitting among discarded pieces of furniture and appliances on a desolate stretch of a road in Lincoln County was a poor abandoned puppy.

He was found sitting on an old and dingy brown chair by animal control officer, Sharon Norton. Sharon immediately noticed how malnourished, thirsty, and hungry the puppy was. Surprisingly, he refused to budge from his seat to receive the animal control officers help. He was still waiting for his owner to return and take him home.

It makes sense, at least from a dog’s perspective, considering the fact that he probably knew that chair well from living in the same house as it for such a long time, right before the owner decided to dispose of the both of them.

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Sharon Norton via Facebook Source: Sharon Norton via Facebook

Ready for a new life, even if he didn’t know it

However, the dog was hungry and could have possibly been sitting there as long as a week, give or take, and reluctantly started to accept help if it meant he got a meal in return.

Determined to help the abandoned puppy, the animal control officer Sharon carefully approached the scared dog, offering him treats and kind words to sooth his nerves.

Sharon ended up giving the puppy some food, which was probably a welcome gift considering that the dog had just spent several days stuck outside in the heat of the Mississippi summer with nothing to eat except scraps from the trash, if he was lucky enough to find that.

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Sharon Norton via Facebook Source: Sharon Norton via Facebook

He seemed grateful and in a better mood after he was rescued

The pup is now at the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League and has just now been vaccinated and has been checked out by a vet. He isn’t ready to be adopted quite yet but he will be after some much-deserved rest and relaxation by the pool at his foster parents’ house.

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Sharon Norton via Facebook Source: Sharon Norton via Facebook

Still, the officer, Sharon is continuing to look for the person who left the poor soul on the side of the road like nothing more than garbage. She is hoping that the pictures on social media will reach enough people that someone will recognize the dog as well as the chair and let her know who they belonged to.

Let’s hope they catch the monster that did this and the puppy finds a new family, and a much better one at that.

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Sharon Norton via Facebook Source: Sharon Norton via Facebook

Source: The Dodo