Blind Deer Thanks Woman In Adorable Fashion

August 9th, 2017

Deer are traditionally shy yet graceful creatures. After all, the expression “deer caught in headlights” came about from their wide-eyed nature.

But why are deer so shy and jumpy around people? Odds are, if you have encountered a deer in the wild, you can only experience a few seconds of stillness before the deer dashes away.

The reason this happens is that humans are a deer’s biggest threat, even more so than their natural animal predators. Not only to humans cut down forests and endanger deer, but there are many people who shoot at deer for food, for fun, or because they nibble on their gardens and are a nuisance.

If man isn’t hunting deer, then a man-made vehicle can often be their demise.

As a result, it comes as no surprise that deer raise their young to be very wary of humankind. They are quick to recognize a human scent or the sound of a gunshot and will react even faster.

With all this said, the video below is a truly unique experience.

A woman named Kimberly Wynn saved this deer after she was hit by a car.

It wasn’t because the poor deer wasn’t paying attention – there was no way she could have known. The deer is blind and deaf.

swiggle1 dot pattern2
YouTube Source: YouTube

The blind and deaf deer quickly grew comfortable around her savior, as she begins to fall asleep in Kimberly’s lap.

swiggle1 dot pattern2
YouTube Source: YouTube

“But I know she likes my lap ’cause she’s been there almost all day,” Kimberly says in the video. “I think I’m gonna call her Snuggle.”

It’s truly amazing to see this wild deer being so calm around a person, especially after they endured getting hit by a vehicle. This behavior would make more sense if this deer grew up in a preservation, however that is not the case here.

Clearly Snuggle adores her savior. And thanks to kind people like Kimberly, Snuggle can enjoy her life a little longer.

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