These Adorable Squirrels Only Live on One Japanese Island

July 1st, 2019

If you are having a bad day, we may have some good news for you.

Before we tell you what it is, try to think of something that everyone on the internet loves. Everyone with a heart, at least. Something that can easily turn around a bad day. Something cute, furry, and all around adorable.

If you guessed animals, you are absolutely correct!

We just stumbled across what might possibly be our new favorite animal. It is called the Ezo Momonga and it is the cutest dang squirrel we have ever seen!

Picture a furry white snowball. That’s essentially what these little guys look like.

They are not just regular squirrels either, they are flying squirrels! In addition to their white, furry coats, they also have big eyes and absolutely adorable faces! And here’s the most interesting part: you can only find them at one place on earth, the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

It is a bit of a trip, but if you want to spend some time with these little cuties, it might just be worth the flight.

It may be hard to see in photos, but these squirrels are actually super shy. It is actually why the photos are so cute! They look chubby but healthy because of the natural spherical shapes of their bodies. So basically, just another thing that makes them absolutely adorable.

They are also known as Japanese dwarf squirrels.

They are pretty much nocturnal and live very quiet herbivorous lifestyles. They really only fly to get from tree to tree in their sub-alpine environment, so it is nothing too crazy.

Another fun fact: these cute little animals only ever reach 20cm (or 8 inches) in length and weigh a maximum of 220g. In other words, they are TINY.

However, despite their small frame, they don’t seem to have too many natural predators. So what that means is that they are not an endangered species. In fact, according to scientists, they are nowhere near endangered — like, not a concern at all. They’re listed as “least concern,” which is the safest rating for an animal. Totally safe. Phew!

Potentially because of its island structure, Japan hosts a ton of interesting creatures — and most of them are super cute.

Here’s a REALLY fun fact (or rumor, actually): it is said that Japanese dwarf flying squirrels inspired the creators of Pokemon. It actually makes complete sense! Because Pikachu is SO cute. He could pass for a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel if he had white fur instead of yellow!

Here’s another actual fact: these guys can glide up to 160 meters in distance in just one go! We’re no Japan’s Got Talent judges, but that is a serious skill if we do say so ourselves.

The life expectancy of flying squirrels in the wild is about six years while flying squirrels in zoos can actually live up to fifteen years.

They typically feed on nuts, pine seeds, buds, tree bark, fruit, and occasional insects if needed. They’re small, so they eat small, too!

So, is this your new favorite animal? Because it is definitely ours. With their small frame, big eyes, and introverted lifestyle, they are THE cutest animal ever!

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Source: Happiest