Unfortunately Placed ‘Coors Light Fact’ On TV Baseball Game Takes Internet By Storm

August 27th, 2017

Bartolo Colón, a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, has Twitter laughing over an ill-timed pop-up ad during a recent televised game.


Colón is a seasoned baseball veteran. And at 44, he just accomplished something few in the sport ever do.

While he definitely deserves respect, fans couldn’t help but notice a hilarious ad during this game.


When Colón stepped to the mound, stretching and getting prepped, the Coor’s Light Cold Hard Fact box popped up. The only problem? It happened as Colón was bent over.

After that, Twitter users did what they do best.

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Congratulations, and, our sincerest apologies, Colón.

H/T: Twitter, Twitter