Start saving your paper towel rolls. Here are 15 creative ways to use them at home

June 16th, 2017

If you knew how many different things you could do with a cardboard tube you’d never throw them away again.

After you check out these uses for cardboard tubes you man actually never throw one away again!

Here are the best alternative uses for cardboard tubes that we could find on the internet:

1) Seed Starters

Toilet paper tubes make great seed starters. You can place them right into the ground when you’re done, as the cardboard will disintegrate. Get the instructions here.

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Urban Organic Gardener Source: Urban Organic Gardener

2) Crease-Free Clothing

Cut a paper towel tube horizontally and place it over your hanger then tape it back together. Hang pants over the roll to keep them crease-free.

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One Good Thing Jillee Source: One Good Thing Jillee

3) Bird Feeder

Roll your tube in peanut butter then bird seed. Run a string through it and hang it from a tree.

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The Home School Scientist Source: The Home School Scientist

4) Keep Wrapping Paper Tidy

Prevent your wrapping paper from getting those weird white creases by placing a tube over it and securing it with a rubber band.

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This Creative Journey Source: This Creative Journey

5) Cord Keeper

Keep your cords organized and in good shape with cardboard rolls.

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homedit Source: homedit

6) Fire Starter

Shove some lint into a paper toilet roll and cover it with toilet or other paper and you’ve got yourself a DIY fire starter.

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Premeditated Leftovers Source: Premeditated Leftovers

7) Cat Scratch

Keep your kitty from scratching up your furniture by keeping him busy with this DIY cat toy you can learn how to make here.

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Four White Paws Source: Four White Paws

8) Knife Sheath

You can create a makeshift knife sheath with a cardboard roll.

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

9) Plastic Bag Holder

When you start shoving plastic shopping bags under your cabinet, they can quickly overcome that cabinet.

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Real Simple Source: Real Simple

10) Keep a Secret

You can hide something inside a jar by placing a toilet paper roll into it and filling the jar around the tube.

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Happy Home Fairy Source: Happy Home Fairy

11) Speakers

You can make this nifty cellphone speaker with a cardboard tube. Find out here.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

12) Wine Rack

Keep all your wine bottles neatly on display by using mailing tubes that are glued together to create a beautiful wine rack.


13) No Kill Mouse Trap

Get mice out of your house in a humane way that doesn’t harm them with this DIY no-kill mouse trap. You can learn how to make it here.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

14) Boot Keeper

No one likes a limp boot. Help your boots keep their shape by placing a cardboard mailing tube inside of them when you aren’t wearing them.

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Alibaba Source: Alibaba

15) Door Draft Blocker

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

Learn how to make this door draft blocker here.

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