Kick campfire snacks up a notch this year by roasting cinnamon rolls on a stick
S'mores are so yesterday. These are just as tasty and way less messy to make.
Cherie Gozon

It’s camping season, and you know what would be lovely? Campfire!

Pexels|Kindel Media
Pexels|Kindel Media

There’s nothing like a fun and (another adjective) activity than having everyone sit around the fire, sharing stories, singing songs, or cooking some delicious campfire dishes with a beer or two.

A lot of dishes come to mind when you think about food that can be cooked on a campfire.

Pexels|Rachel Claire
Pexels|Rachel Claire

If you have a skillet or pot, you can cook bread, fritters, hot pots, and even pizza. As long as you have the right ingredients, you won’t worry about your meals. But what about for dessert?

The easiest and most popular campfire dessert is smores.

Pexels|Taryn Elliot
Pexels|Taryn Elliot

All you need to toast is the marshmallow, anyway; that’s why it’s the simplest and easiest one that comes to mind.

But if you want something more filling, why not try roasting some cinnamon rolls?

Yep! You read that right. Cinnamon rolls cooked above the campfire.

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Cinnamon rolls sound like something more complicated than smores, right? And you might ask, “don’t I need an oven for it?” The clear answer is no.

Making cinnamon rolls in camp is very easy.

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You don’t need an oven for it. In fact, there are no-bake cinnamon recipes out there. Sounds perfect for camping, isn’t it?

The easier option is to buy cinnamon in the stores.

You can buy ready-made cinnamon doughs in the store. Pop one out of the tube, unroll it and wrap it around a campfire stick. Roast it on the campfire, and you’re good to go!

You can also slice them to look like the usual cinnamon roll, like this one.

Neat, huh? It’s always nice to have variety and options when out in the wilderness.

So, why roast a cinnamon roll?

Roasting may not be the most obvious method of cooking a cinnamon roll, but it provides a different texture and flavor to this sweet delight. It gives a smokey aroma and adds an interesting bitter taste to it that balances its sweetness if there are toasted parts.

It also adds a crunch to its outer layer while retaining its soft and gooey insides. It’s a better and much tastier cinnamon roll.

If you’re bringing a skillet with you, you can also try this method.

You can prepare your cinnamon roll as you would usually do. Then, slice them into rolls and place them in a skillet or pan. You can simply cook it on top of the fire and even sprinkle more sugar and cinnamon on top before serving it.

Want to go the extra mile in this new camp food experiment?

Try bringing a deeper pan or bread mold and make cinnamon bread instead!

So, on your next camping trip, try out this new recipe.

The good thing about cinnamon rolls is they can be a dessert after a hearty meal and pair it with beer. Or it can be a snack after a long day of hiking, hunting, or swimming. And like a great outdoor coffee shop experience, you can pair it with coffee!

Ready to try this? Let us know what you think!

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By Cherie Gozon
Cherie Gozon is a contributor at SBLY Media.