Birthday tacos are the beautiful new trend replacing birthday cakes
It's about time. Some of these are so creative.
Ian Carey

If you have a birthday coming up, you might consider scrapping cake and just going with a plate full of tacos instead.

While people love birthday cake, there are others out there who love tacos even more.

The idea of pigging out on a massive amount of tacos on one’s birthday is an appealing idea to many. The more excuses we all have to eat tacos, the better the world is as a result. And hey, if you want to eat birthday cake after you’ve polished off all the tacos, you can do that too.

The birthday tacos that are replacing cake.

People celebrating their birthdays with giant plates full of tacos have been going viral online. It seems the more people who see others celebrating their birthdays in this fashion, the more others are willing to do the same.

The tacos are aligned so that they create the number of years the birthday person has been alive.

This is similar to how one might put candles on a cake. Another idea might be to use the tacos to create the total number of pounds the birthday person weighs, and then they can recalculate after the person has eaten all the tacos.

Houston-based restaurant creates birthday tacos.

The Las Brasas Tacos & Grill restaurant in Houston, Texas offers these plates of birthday tacos. In addition to the tacos being positioned in the shape of your age, salsa, guacamole, and other standard taco toppings are available as well. The restaurant has hosted its fair share of taco-filled birthday celebrations.

How affordable are birthday tacos?

The tacos are reasonably priced as well. A birthday taco plate consisting of 50 tacos costs just $75. A larger option consisting of 100 tacos is priced at $150. That’s just $1.50 per taco, not a bad deal at all!

What if it’s not my birthday but I want birthday tacos nonetheless?

There is nothing that says you can’t have a birthday taco platter on a day that is not your birthday. The tacos can be placed in other shapes as well. Perhaps you want to treat your partner to a romantic plate of tacos shaped like a heart for Valentine’s Day? Wouldn’t that be romantic?!

Other restaurants getting in on the fun.

While Las Brasas Tacos & Grill are thought to be the first restaurant to offer these birthday taco plates, other establishments have followed suit. Now, many restaurants offer similar deals for birthday tacos.

It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday to celebrate tacos. In fact, no holiday or special day is required at all!

The best part of birthday tacos.

There is one aspect of birthday tacos that everyone seems to enjoy; they make for an excellent photo opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to pose for a picture with a bunch of tacos spelling out how old they are? That’s just good fun right there.

A photoshoot of you sitting in front of a bunch of tacos on your birthday certainly sends the message to everyone that your birthdays are a party and they won’t want to miss the next one.

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By Ian Carey
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