New Bocelli Music Video Will Give You Chills

December 6th, 2018

Opera singing has been around for over 400 years. It’s not something that many would expect young people to listen to. But Andrea Bocelli might just change this!

He’s just released a new music video that looks as incredible as it sounds.

Ave Maria Petas is the latest single from Bocelli’s new album. He’s made the music video appear sufficiently epic!

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YouTube/Andrea Bocelli Source: YouTube/Andrea Bocelli

It opens on an old-fashioned looking European town, with the clouds looking apocalyptic.

The camera zooms in on a church in the town center. The viewer is then taken inside the church, which looks stunning onscreen!

The video then shows two young people in the center of the church. It kind of looks like they might be getting married. But the man is holding the woman, as she’s apparently collapsed.

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YouTube/Andrea Bocelli Source: YouTube/Andrea Bocelli

Then the video reveals Andrea Bocelli praying at a church pew. His voice starts singing “Ave Maria.”

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YouTube/Andrea Bocelli Source: YouTube/Andrea Bocelli

The young man holding the woman sees a twin of himself and looks up.

The video then builds up, with Bocelli singing ever more enthusiastically. The young man starts to dance.

A woman, Aida Garifullina, appears and starts singing too.

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YouTube/Andrea Bocelli Source: YouTube/Andrea Bocelli

The woman who was being held by the young man then starts dancing in another part of the church.

Over the next three minutes, the video showcases more and more beautiful shots of the four people in the church. The dancing, camerawork and, most importantly, music combine to create something breathtaking.

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YouTube/Andrea Bocelli Source: YouTube/Andrea Bocelli

It’s clear that Bocelli is really taking on popular music with this latest offering!

And the video has been well received online, gaining over 400,000 views and 10,000 likes on YouTube within one week of upload.

The album that this single comes from is a big deal for Bocelli. “Si” is his first new album of entirely original material in 14 years. It’s been billed as a celebration of love, family, faith and hope.

And the 60-year-old Bocelli is clearly making quite a comeback.

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Andrea Bocelli Source: Andrea Bocelli

Si has become his first number one album on the American Billboard 200 chart. Amazingly, this is his 26th album. Previously, his best selling efforts have been the cover song focused My Christmas and Passione, which both reached number two.

In fact, Bocelli’s profile has been rising for quite some time.

Bocelli covered an Ed Sheeran song (with Ed Sheeran himself appearing in the cover.) This unique reinterpretation of the pop star’s song went viral, with a whole new generation being introduced to the classical musician.

In just under a year, this musical interpretation has gained over 160 million views on YouTube alone.

And if anyone is doubtful that Bocelli could really become a thing with the millennial (and post-millennial) generation, then consider the following…

The new album even features performances by huge pop stars. Sheeran, Josh Groban and Dua Lipa are all on tracks in Si, which may have contributed to its huge success.

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YouTube/Ed Source: YouTube/Ed

If these younger musicians are all flocking to work with one of opera music’s greats, who knows what could happen next!?

So this begs the question: could classical and opera music become the next big thing with young people? A 60-year-old Italian opera singer like Bocelli is an unlikely candidate to become the next big obsession, but then stranger things have definitely happened!

See the latest video below:

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Source: Andrea Bocelli