Salesman in Costco is Joined For an Adele Duet and Goes Viral

December 5th, 2018

Everyone loves shopping at Costco. From the free samples to the joy of buying in bulk and the great prices, it’s an overall great shopping experience. The customers at this particular store were in for an even bigger treat when the piano salesman and a shopper sat down for an impromptu duet of “Someone Like You”.

Some customers brushed it off and continued on with their shopping, but others were in awe of the incredible duet (and lucky for us, capturing it on video). One father can even be seen swaying with his son in the back ground, dancing to the tune. According to YouTube, the salesman is also a classically trained piano player, which makes sense as to why he is so talented and able to play only from memory.

Though this was posted a few years ago, the video has over 10 million views, so without even watching the video you know that there is something good here. There are also hundreds of comments ranging from complimenting the duo to complaining of children on other pianos ruining the magic. Regardless of the kids in the background, there’s no denying the well-deserved popularity this video has received.

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The woman of the duet posted the video to YouTube on her own channel, now appropriately called COSTCO PIANO GIRL, and said that this encounter made her whole day. You can also find other videos of her playing the piano that she has made since the viral video.

This isn’t the only instance of a piano prodigy showing up in a Costco. In 2011 a young boy, who bystanders thought was a lost child, stunned customers with his skills, playing a more classical song also completely from memory.

This young boys performance generated over 2 million views on YouTube since it was posted. It’s becoming clear that Costco may be the place to go if you’re looking to get noticed for your secret musical talents. But these impromptu concerts aren’t just limited to Costcos, there are viral videos of this similar encounter happening all over in music shops, department stores, and airports. Not to mention, we all know Mason Ramsey got famous for yodeling in an everyday Wal-Mart aisle:

Since this video was posted Mason Ramsey has been on Ellen, recorded original music, and even made an appearance on stage at Coachella.

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This next video was captured at a train station in Paris. One man is just playing on his own, when a bystander comes up beside him and starts watching. Next thing you know he is joining in making the piece even better than before. Without breaking focus the song builds, and even the original player is just as surprised at how beautiful the song they are creating becomes.

Then there is this unlikely customer in a hardware store that busts out Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On”during another average work day. Imagine being an employee when this kid sits down at the piano or walking around looking to buy shelves for your garage when you hear this guy singing and playing the piano.

You never know what you’re going to encounter on your day out shopping. Whether your at Costco, the train station, or a hardware store you just might be surprised. Or maybe you’ll be the one to sit down and start a show for the next viral video!

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Source: Costco Piano Girl via YouTube