Radiant Blush succulents define what it means to be ‘pretty in pink’

April 28th, 2021

These blush succulents are all you need to brighten up your dull garden.

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Succulents are ideal plants to grow indoors, or if you’re too busy to tend to a regular garden. However, most succulents are between the shades of green and white.

How do you make your garden interesting?

There are multiple ways. For one, you can add more flowering plants, so you’ll have more color in your garden when they bloom. You can vary your collection of different types or breeds of plants, too, so your garden wouldn’t look one-dimensional.

You can also add those with interesting features like these succulents that look like crystals.

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While some burst with colors and are taking the gardening community by storm.

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These are commonly known as blush succulents.

As the name suggests, they come in shades of pink or purple that combine beautifully with the green and white leaves of the plant. They come in different varieties.

The most popular one is the Echeveria laui.

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It can grow up to six inches tall and five inches in diameter. Its leaves start as grayish blue with a hint of pink. Once it grows, it shows off a peachy-pink color that looks adorable.

And here’s it’s close ‘cousin’, Echeveria rainbow.

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This one has a lovely combination of pastel colors, and its gradient hues make it look like a rainbow.

Another favorite among green thumbs is the Pachyphytum Oviferum, or Pink Moonstone.

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It also is peachy pink in color but can sometimes have leaves with shades of blue and lavender. Its rosettes don’t grow as wide as the laui, but it grows taller up to eight inches in length.

And there’s the Sedum rubrotinctum or ‘Aurora.’

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This plant is also fondly called Jelly Bean Succulents because, well, look at those jelly-bean-like leaves.

There’s also the Graptopetalum paraguayense aka ‘Ghost Plant.’

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It is interestingly called as such because of its pale blue leaves. But this lovely bunch looks far from ‘ghostly’ when it starts to display shades of purple and pink. Give it a little more sunlight so its pinks will dominate among other colors of its leaves.

And here’s the lovely Crassula pellucida or ‘Calico Cat.’

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This one has a dominant shade of green and white with pinkish margins.

Maybe it’s called such because Calico cats also have a dominant shade with a margin of a different color.

There are many other succulents that you might be interested to grow to add more color in your collection.

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There’s the Sedeveria or ‘Pink Granite’, Crassula ovata or ‘Pink Beauty’, Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nurnberg’, Graptoveria ‘Douglas Huth’, and the Aloe ‘Pink Blush.’

And since these are succulents, they are easy to care for.

It doesn’t need to be watered every day. Make sure to check if its soil is still moist and water if you observe that it is starting to dry. Give it a bit of TLC by giving it a little sun from time to time.

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Taking good care of blush succulents will result in a gorgeous pink glow.

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