According To Research, It's Beneficial To Let Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed With You. Here's Why

December 5th, 2017

More and more research is coming out concerning the health benefits of owning a dog. For instance, did you know that owning a dog is good for your heart health? Dogs also reduce stress, help people lose weight and even improve their social lives. Additionally, dogs give people meaning and purpose, which helps to reduce the risk of depression. If you own a pooch, you already know how much owning a pooch can enhance your life. That said, if you want Fido to work even more miracles, you should let him sleep with you.

Yes, new studies confirm that sharing your sleeping quarters with your pet has some surprising health benefits. A study of 150 dog owners from the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, found that 41 percent of participants who shared a bed or bedroom with their pup reported better sleep because they felt more secure with their four-legged friend by their side. If you’re not completely sold, though, consider these seven additional reasons dog owners claim for letting their pooch bunk up with them at night:

1. They Feel Safer

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Gemma Stilles Source: Gemma Stilles

Whether you live in a shady neighborhood or on a secluded farm, there may be moments when you feel insecure in your own home…especially at night. People who let their pups bunk up with the report not feeling scared at night. This is partially because their dog provides another body to cuddle up with and partially because many dogs can physically protect their owners.

2. They Report Lower Levels of Stress

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Inna Tan Source: Inna Tan

Many people who let their dogs sleep with them report feeling less stressed throughout the day compared to their non-dog-owner counterparts. Studies prove that just being near your pooch is enough to make you feel more relaxed, so when your pup is near you when you’re most relaxed–at night, in bed–the effect will be triple-fold.

3. They Claim Having Happier Dogs

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Euphoric Photography Source: Euphoric Photography

It’s not just people who feel better when they let their dogs sleep in bed with them–dogs show an improvement in their mental health as well. There is no one in the world that your pup loves more than you, so to allow it to sleep in bed with you at night helps boost their confidence and increases their overall well being.

4. They’re Warmer at Night

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Julia Rubinic Source: Julia Rubinic

Everyone knows that body heat is the warmest kind of heat, but if you’re single–or if you’re just not down to get down to your skivvies with your roommate–have your dog cuddle up to you at night. Your four-legged friend will keep you warm when temperatures dip, or just when you’re feeling lonely and a little blue.

5. They Have a Reduced Risk for Depression

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Kenneth Pemberton Source: Kenneth Pemberton

Dogs offer unconditional love and support which is why so many dog owners cite feeling happier and more balanced than non-dog owners. If you have an increased risk for depression, or if you just want to stave off feelings of loneliness, let your pooch sleep with you. You’ll wake up happier and start off each day on the right foot.

6. They Feel More Comforted

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Katie Yaeger Rotramel Source: Katie Yaeger Rotramel

In addition to feeling more secure, people who let their pups sleep with them at night feel more comforted when they lay their heads down at night. If you’re someone who needs to feel the presence of a loved-one before closing your eyes, let your dog sleep with you.

7. They Report Better Sleep

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luckyfiona Source: luckyfiona

Finally, studies show that people who let their dogs cuddle up with them at night report getting more zzz’s overall. Whether you suffer from insomnia or just want to ensure you get your full 8, ask Fido to hop up in bed with you–you’ll feel more rested when you wake in the morning.

So, there you have it. If you own a dog and want to feel safer, more relaxed and get better sleep, let them bunk up with you. If you don’t already own a dog, now may be the perfect time to go out and adopt one (but only if you can properly care for it!). Know someone who needs the benefits mentioned above? Share this post with them.

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