10 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

July 13th, 2017

Our bathrooms can be one of the scariest rooms to clean in your house. Instead of avoiding it, you can use these bathroom hacks to make cleaning your bathroom super easy.

Dust Pan Hack

Place a dust pan underneath your faucet and let the end hang over the side of your sink. Place a bucket underneath it. Run the water so that it slides off of your dustpan and into your bucket. This will help you fill up your bucket if you have a shallow sink.

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Hotel Towel Fold

Fold one corner of your towel upward into a triangle shape. Then, fold the bottom half of the towel to meet the top. Flip your towel over and roll the right side of your towel toward the pointed end. Tuck the pointed end into the bottom of your towel.

Clean Your Toilet With Coke

Pour a bottle of coke into your toilet, making sure you coat the corners and under your rim. Let it sit for a bit before you flush.

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Rust Chrome Fixtures

If the chrome fixtures in your bathroom are rusty, you can pour ketchup all over it. Dab some of it off and let it sit for 15 minutes before wiping it all off. The rust will come right off.

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Prevent Soap Tray Gunk

Place two rubber bands over your soap tray and let the soap sit on top of them.

Unclog a Drain

Wait for all the water to go down. Pour some baking soda into your drain, followed by vinegar. Chase it with hot water to let the clog side down the drain.

Soap Dispenser Control

If you want to make sure that you’re kids aren’t using too much soap, you can wrap a rubber band around the top of the pump dispenser.

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Toothbrush Holder

Cut out two groves on opposites sides of a soda cap rim. Use a glue gun to glue them to your wall and place your toothbrush stem in between the groves.

Shine Your Faucet

Rub toothpaste all over your faucet with a wet sponge and use the other end to scrub it off before you rinse the toothpaste away.

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Clean Your Showerhead

Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and place it over your shower head. Secure with a rubber band and let it sit for 20 minutes.

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You can watch exactly how these hacks are done in the video below:

10 awesome bathroom hacksHere are some cool hacks for your bathroom.?

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