Baby Orangutan Makes An Incredible Recovery After Getting Abused

May 15th, 2017

Meet Budi, an incredible little orangutan with a heart of gold.

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Budi is currently on his road to recovery after suffering extreme abuse by his previous owner.

Budi was rescued by the International Animal Rescue sanctuary in West Borneo, Indonesia.

When he was found, Budi was in a dire condition. He had spent his entire life caged in a small chicken coop. He was severely malnourished after being deprived of food and needed urgent care.

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Even the slightest movement caused him excruciating pain and he would cry every time the doctors touched him.

It took a dedicated team of helpers two months of round-the-clock care to nurse him back to health.

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Now, Budi is eating, walking and even climbing all by himself!

It’s amazing to think that just two months ago the poor orangutan could barely sit up straight and now he is living out his life as a happy and healthy ape.

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Even though Budi is recovering well, it will take several years of serious rehabilitation before Budi can safely return to the wild.

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Thanks to a dedicated team of professionals, Budi will now have a much brighter bright future ahead of him.

You can help Budi and his friends at International Animal Rescue out by donating here.

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